Tuesday, June 30, 2020

More new products from Yonka-Paris: TIME RESIST Day & Night Creams

Yonka-Paris and the Multaler family is movin’ and shakin’ these days. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, having worked with Yonka for over 30 years the first 20 had very few changes. The past 5 years or so have seen so many changes it’s hard to keep up. Changes changes changes. If all or most of the changes were things I agreed with (be it naming products or changing formulations) I’d be all for itof course! But so many of these changes have been things I do not love.
I wish this new line of Yonka products was called “acceptance.” When you resist something, it generally doesn’t go away. When you accept something, you can usually go on with your life. With acceptance you are putting far less energy into a thing than if you put up resistance. Here the “thing” is aging.

I’m 56 years old. I have been taking care of people’s skin and my own skin with exceptional care for over 32 years (as a working aesthetician). I have written in my books and here on this blog about how I believe accepting the aging process, this inevitable process, is the best way to handle getting older.

With these new Yonka products, it might just be a matter of semantics, but I still don’t like the name “Time-Resist.” I only hope I like the formulations and the products themselves. Then all else can be forgiven.

The use of jars is a change that Yonka seems to be going toward more and more. Many of their new moisturizers are in jars; I happen to love tubes. I like being able to dispense the amount of cream from a tube vs. being subject to a pre-arranged amount that now comes out in these airless jars. ButYonka makes their decisions and as a sales person with the company, I have to abide. These two new “Time Resist” creams are in jars. (In the future I will present more information about airless jar technology.)

This post is basically an overview of these two new creams. For more specifics about each one, see their individual links listed below. The Stimulastine products (Jour & Nuit) were discontinued in 2016. These two Time Resist products are basically their improved (and more expensive) replacements.

All of the following in italics is information about these new cremes from Yonka headquarters:

Aging is a part of the natural life cycle, which is predetermined at birth. Aging skin reveals the effects of time passing and the skin can thin, wrinkle, and loose its density and radiance. External factors (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) speed up these phenomena.

If you loved Stimulastine, then youll love the TIME RESIST duo which is a precious ally for your skin. TIME RESIST provides your skin with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of these external factors, controlling the visible signs of aging.

At the heart of these velvety and hydrating formulas is an all-new synergy that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflammaging Youth Energy lipoaminoacid to uphold your skins youth. Protected throughout the entire day, technologically advanced microspheres enriched with hyaluronic acid visibly smooth wrinkles and give the skin more bounce. At night, the Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts replenish and revitalize your skin so it appears firm and fresh upon wakening. 

In time wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin is plumped, signs of tiredness are diminished, and your complexion is much brighter.

Discover a new application gesture with the touch & slide airless jar. It delivers the right dose of cream by pressing down once on the cap. This economic innovation is safe and maintains the beautiful aromatic pleasures of Yon-Ka products.

TIME RESIST Targets Dermal Stem Cells
Stem cells are essential for preserving young and beautiful skin. Yon-Ka revolutionized this approach by taking an interest in dermal skin cells hidden away in the deep dermal layers of the skin. Still unknown to us a few years ago, they are at the core of the skin’s firmness and elastic properties.

Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, the mountain’s secret to young skin
Yon-Ka found a revolutionary way to preserve dermal stem cell activity by boosting them with plant-based stem cells of Saponaria pumila. 
This mountainous plant survived through the ice age by developing incredible protective and repairing abilities. Yon-Ka showcases its powerful survival potential to help preserve dermal skin cells.

TIME RESIST Fights Against Inflamm’aging (get it: inflammation + aging...)
As the contraction of inflammation and aging, Inflamm’aging is a phenomenon that affects all humans. With age, chronic and silent reactions spread through skin tissues and weaken the cells’ defense systems.

Youth Energy, Yon-Ka’s serenity molecule
Yon-Ka based its work on a biotechnological active ingredient that mimics the PalGly molecule–known as the serenity molecule, naturally present in our bodies and presenting anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Youth EnErgY is a lipoaminoacid that shows excellent affinity with the skin. When integrated into the TIME RESIST formula, this new active ingredient provided skin with the biological secrets for harmonious longevity.

Innovative Results

After 28 days of using the TIME RESIST creams, skin is smoother, firmer, more supple and elastic.

  • Reduced wrinkles: -75%*
  • 100%** of women found their skin to be more beautiful***

*CLINICAL TEST—Dermatological evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 20 women aged 40 to 55 for 4 weeks (best results)

**CONSUMER TEST—Self-evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 45 women aged 35 to 55 for 4 weeks.

***This is absolutely where Yonka loses me. “Self-evaluation” is a ridiculous “test result” to include in any information regarding this or any productin my opinion. When I listen to these “results” in the seminars on new products I attend, it is all I can do to not speak up (which I sometimes do) and exclaim my strong disagreement with these evaluations. “100% of women found their skin to be more beautiful.” I meanis that a real “innovative result” of this product?

When I first ever saw Yonka and the back-then Yonka product manuals, they were like looking through deeply involved scientific chemistry books. I was amazed, intrigued, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with everything Yonka-Paris. If I saw the professional information on this line as it is presented now, I wouldn’t be so impressed. It resembles all the multitudes of information on just about all other product lines. Gone is the technical approach that I so loved over 3 decades ago. Oh, well, I guess this is progress. And if these products work as well on your skin as they look on paper, I’m all for that, test “results” or not!

Treating acne is twofold

Treating acne or any constant skin care problem is a twofold process. If you do one step but forsake the other step, it’s doubtful you’ll see long-term results. As I read skin care books and articles in magazines and even listen to skin care experts on TV, I am always amazed that the treatments for problem skin usually recommend doing only one thing: treating the breakout. The question in my mind is always “What is causing the breakout in the first place?”

Here is one analogy. You are driving your car down a street with nails all over the place. You drive, and lo and behold, you get a flat tire. You fix the flat tire and keep driving down the same road. Later, you get another flat, and you fix it. What you don’t realize is until you get off the road with all the nails in it, you will continue to get flat tires. Translate this to your skin. You may not even realize you are doing things that are contributing to your problem skin.
Until you become more aware, you will probably continue to have problems—even if you’re using topical (or oral) medications. You must go to the root to find the cure. And even then there are no guarantees. But causal treatment (treating from the cause or root) will surely help you get a better hold on why you are breaking out.

If you alter your behavior in order to stop contributing to your breakouts, hopefully then you will have clearer skin. You may not be able to afford to eat so much (or any) sugar—or whatever it is you may have in your diet that is a major contributor. But you have a choice. You can choose to continue to be frustrated with your blemishes or decide to do something about them, which usually includes discontinuing items currently found in your diet.

For more information, see:

Monday, June 29, 2020

Product talk with a new client: Part 1

My acupuncturist speaks very highly of you and Yonka products. She recommended I email you regarding a new skin care regime for my skin. I have dry skin that is prone to blemishes. I was taking Spironolactone* because my skin had really gotten out of control. My dermatologist said it was hormones and the only solid way for clear skin was to block those hormones. The Rx has run out and I haven't gone back for a renewal. Im interested in a new option and would love to hear from you.
*From Google: Spironolactone is a medication that contains anti-androgen activity. Androgens are male sex hormones, like testosterone. As anti-androgens block the effects of excess male hormones, Spironolactone is often prescribed to sufferers struggling with acne.

First of all, your dermatologist is right: skin issues are hormone driven. Period. Stress can affect your hormones, sugar consumption can affect your hormones, deepening on your age, perimenopause or menopause affects hormone levels. Many things affect your hormones, but it is hormones that cause breakouts. Because that medication is blocking androgen hormones I would truly love for you to find an alternate way to help your breakout and not continue to block anything—hormones or whatever.

It would be helpful for me to know a bit more about you and your skin: What products do you currently use (and what are their functions? ie: cleanser, toner, etc)?

To shorten this article, I have included this client’s answers right after my questions. There (will soon be) a Part 2 followup that will give even more information for product recommendations. See link below. 
These are the products I currently use:
  1. Cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types; CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion PM (I use this morning and night); Revitalift intensive overnight mask (I always use at night and sometimes in morning if my skin looks or feels dry; CeraVe Skin renewing Night Cream for extra moisture (sometimes); Revitalization eye cream or CeraVe eye repair creamArnica gel on inflamed spots; Clearasil Rapid action treatment cream for blemishes; Bobbi Brown eye make remover (when needed); Tretinoin cream for blocked pores and 11 wrinkles between eyes
  2. Your age 43
  3. Have you had facials and if so, what did the aesthetician(s) say? I have never had a professional facial! Huh, never realized that.
  4. Do you pick at your skin? If a blemish has a head I will relieve the pressure but I dont pick at my skin. 
  5. How much sugar do you eat (honestly) in a day? Raw sugar in take: 4-6 tablespoons with 24 oz of coffee; maybe a cookie (regular size, not the kind as big as your head); I dont drink sodas but I do drink sweet tea made with Splenda (I dont drink that very often, maybe 1-2 times per week). Of course, the holidays make sweets readily available—Ill watch my diet more closely and see what I come up with.

Yonka products can definitely help you. However, problems come from the inside. That is just something basic you really need to understand so you dont look to the outside product world to “heal” your skin issues. AndI know I can help you!

Over the years I've used many products from department store to drugstore. My dermatologist stated the higher priced cleansers arent any different then the drugstore products. At times I believe this and at times I dont. All purchases can be emotionally supported and driven. Ive started using essential oils and Im enjoying them a lot. The main factor is their scents, which is very important to me. Ive been reading your blog and am interested in the dry vs dehydrated debate because I think I am both! 

Right off the bat4 tablespoons of sugar every day is a lot if you’re sensitive to sugar! Have you read any of my articles on sugar and skin care? If not, you might glean some important information from them. This one is an eye-opener: Sugar in your precious Frappuccinos!

Ive realized it was 3T with 24 oz of coffee, not 4-6T. However this morning I had 1.5 teaspoon per 8 oz cup and feel like that is change with no real effort. So, yay on that one! Cant wait to hear your skin care recommendations. Many thanks!

OK, still3T daily is a lot of sugar if you are sensitive to it. And I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you are! Good for you for lessening without hesitation your intake. Keep that up and see how it goes. Taste-wise, at some point, your sipping experience won’t be satisfying, but if you go slowly it just might work.

When it comes to products, I think Cetaphil is fine to cleanse with. See link below. For a topical blemish treatment, I would start using lavender essential oil on your inflamed spots vs. arnica. Arnica isn’t bad, just not as effective and not an antibacterial like essential oils are.

The creams you’re using are typical for what is available in the retail market. Here are the Yonka products I recommend. Click on the name to go to that product’s blog. I’ve also included a few other articles about the products you may find interesting and/or helpful:
  • Is Cetaphil OK to use as my facial cleanser?
  • Lotion PNG—use this AM/PM. I would start with this “normal to oily” product vs. the other toner for “dry” (oil-dry) skin. As you are working on lessening blemishes, I feel the dry skin toner might cause problems—for now    
  • Yonka toners: Which one should I use? 
  • Creme 15—for now, use in AM & PM. I would get through at least one tube of this cream. Using it morning and night it’ll probably take about 2 months. If your skin is significantly better before that and you feel like using a different cream(s), I’ll recommend something else that may have a little more moisture for your 40+ skin. 
  • I highly recommend Hydra+ (formerly called Hydralia) if you feel you need more moisture/hydration. Due to your comments, I think you’ll need this product.
  • Is your face in need of extra hydration? Try Yonka’s Hydralia or Advanced Optimizer Serum
  • Juvenil is another blemish control product, but since you love essential oils and I have recommended lavender essential oil for a topical treatment for your places, I’ll just leave you the information that’s in the article linked here so you’ll have another product in your arsenal.

I would start there and see how things go after a few weeks. Really, your skin should reflect better health immediately, but I would use the products for a few weeks before making a determination on their effectiveness.

For more information, see:

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Shaving Tips for Men

Whenever you go to shave, remember: the softer the skin and hair, the easier the shave will be. Here are a few other tips to help you get the perfect shave. There are several other posts on this subject, links are below.
  • Applying your shaving cream when you first get in the shower will give it a chance to moisturize your skin and soften the hair. If you can, leave the cream on for a few minutes and enjoy a smoother shave.
  • Use your shaving cream sparingly. If you use too much cream it can cause the potential for nasty nicks and cuts due to a dull (clogged) razor.
  • Next, shave the toughest areas on your face last. This will give the shaving cream time to soften the skin in these areas and hopefully make for a smoother and nick-free shaving experience.

If you have tried every technique and still have major razor bumps, you may want to try a few things. First is a product on the market called Tend Skin (see ingrown hair link below). It is also said to help with ingrown hair. I am not a fan of this particular product because it contains a high percentage of the bad type of alcohol, but I have heard from several people that it did actually help with their razor bumps.

If you choose to use Tend Skin, be careful and watch to see if your skin becomes dry and especially flaky. If so, discontinue use of this product and opt for something more soothing. If the places are red and infected, you can use essential oils (lavender specifically) and/or clay mask on your razor bumps.

Secondly, alpha hydroxy acids have been found to successfully reduce razor bumps. Why? There is usually a lot of dead skin that interferes with the hair making its way to the surface of your face. AHAs help to decompose some of that dead skin, leaving room for the hair to make an appearance. There are moisturizers that contain alpha hydroxy acids, or even stronger AHA gels that can be used locally on the areas where razor bumps are a problem.

Some skin is simply prone to irritation while shaving. But if you prepare your skin before shaving, use the appropriate shaving technique and apparatus (whether manual or electric razor), and tend to the skin you have just shaved, you will fare much better than if you did not incorporate all of these techniques and steps.

For more detailed tips on preparing your skin before shaving, see:
Also see:

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Back Breakout—What NOT to Use

In a popular beauty book, the author recommends using dishwashing detergent followed by benzoyl peroxide for back breakouts. Now, I am only one person, but I have a fair amount of common sense. I can see how the author thinks if detergent gets the grease off her dishes surely it would be an acceptable product to use on human skin. Because as we all know, skin and porcelain and/or glass are virtually the same thing, right?  

OK, I’ll stop being sarcastic and just tell it like it is. Using dishwashing detergent on your skin is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of! I did a TV show where I had degreasing detergent on the table of what not to use on problem skin. I once knew a client who put dishwashing detergent on her blemishes in an attempt to dry them out. She thought, perhaps as the above mentioned author does, that a degreasing agent would degrease her skin. But the results for my client were irritation coupled with severe peeling on and around the blemishes. I can’t imagine what would happen to the skin on your back if you applied dishwashing detergent even just one time, and then followed it with another known skin irritant: benzoyl peroxide.

This author goes on to recommend applying the dishwashing detergent not with your hands but with a bath brush. You have not only set up the potential for irritation using a product never intended for human skin, but to add insult to injury you are going to ensure severe irritation by using a brush to massage in the product! Is she crazy? No, just very ill-informed. She is not an aesthetician or even a person who has had any experience (from what her bio reads) with skin on a real, up close and personal level. As with anything, look at the source.

The kind of advice in that book is the kind of advice I recommend avoiding at all costs. Those suggestions might look good in a magazine or flash advertising, but to actually be recommending this for readers who have problem skin on their backs (or faces, or wherever) is preposterous. I can only hope that if you choose to read books like that one, you will also use your common sense. How much sense does it make to use dishwashing detergent (meant for dishes and glassware) on your delicate skin? If your answer is, “It kind of makes sense,” then I will just tell you straight up: don’t do it! Dishes are dishes, but human skin is a living organ that needs special care.

For more information on back breakout specifically and breakout in general, see:

Friday, June 26, 2020

A nice mention from Jack LaLanne

It’s kind of funny, I wouldn’t have known about this mention in Jack’s book had it not been for a personal trainer friend of mine who sent me these photos. I appreciate the quote(s) and for giving me credit in what I’m sure is a wonderful book by Jack Lalanne, Live Young Forever. He was discussing tanning beds and however he came across my book, I’ll probably never know, but I do have a lot to say (all negative!) about tanning beds.
As you probably heard in the news, Jack passed away in January 2013 at the age of 96. I remember watching his workout show on TV as a kid. It was the only thing of its kind back then and Jack himself was truly one of a kind.

Thank you again for including me in your book, Mr. Lalanne. You were (and no doubt still are) an inspiration to many during your long and healthy life!

For more information, see:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ingrown Hairs—what they are and what to do about them?

Ingrown hairs are basically hairs that have lost their way. Instead of moving directly up the hair follicle, which is cylindrical like a tunnel, the hair curls around and remains either close to the surface of the skin or actually makes its way back down to the base of the follicle. This inability to reach the skin’s surface and eventual exit above it causes an ingrown hair.

Ingrown hairs are a problem for many people, but men tend to have the most trouble with ingrown hairs on their faces, which look like irritated bumps on the skin. This is especially true for African-American men because dark-skinned people generally have curly and coarse hair. Curlier hair has a more difficult time finding the surface of the skin. These ingrown hairs may cause inflammation to occur, which is a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae.

Ingrown hairs generally form after the hair in a particular area has been cut, waxed, or in some other way removed. Some say that pulling the hair out against the natural grain (most waxing procedures follow this rule) can cause the hair to break just below the surface. Then when the dead cells set in, the hair can’t find an exit, causing an ingrown hair.

Exfoliation is really important if you’re prone to ingrown hairs—no matter where you get them. If they occur on your face, using a scrub or other exfoliator on a regular basis should help to alleviate the problem. This is where alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) may come in handy. Several of my male clients have seen good results with their ingrown hair problems by using products that contain this ingredient. AHAs help to dissolve the intercellular glue that holds cells together, which can be helpful in the case of ingrown hairs. AHAs may work well for women who find ingrown hairs are a problem in the bikini line area.

Women who get ingrown hairs on their legs can try using AHAs, but because of the large surface area of the legs this could get quite expensive. Using exfoliation gloves may be your best bet. The gloves give you the ability to regulate pressure and therefore not irritate the skin. Do be careful not to rub too hard with these gloves. They are abrasive and too much of a good thing can turn bad.
Exfoliation gloves can be found at most stores where cosmetics are sold. They’re easy to use and are machine washable. Unlike a loofah, you can get them clean and bacteria free between uses. They aren’t very expensive so you could get several pairs and just throw them in the wash after each use. They make great gifts too. Put them in a basket with bath and body products and maybe a scented candle, and you will make someone very happy.

If you have irritation bumps with the ingrown hairs, be careful when you shave over this area. You can easily break open the skin and cause further irritation and possibly spread infection.

A product called TendSkin (see upcoming post) has been helpful for some people with ingrown hairs. Be careful to follow the directions and do not use on a large area of the face. Men’s skin tends to be less sensitive than women’s, but even so, if you are a man and have ingrown hair in your beard area, be careful to apply this product appropriately. If you experience irritation with TendSkin, discontinue use immediately and refer back to some other products and techniques for helping with ingrown hairs. You don’t ever want to use a product that is causing more harm than good.

In the end, no matter where the ingrown hairs are forming, exfoliation is the best course of treatment before trying to remove them. Read other posts on this frustrating condition: , What are razor bumps?, and many more articles under the category hair removal.

For more information, see:

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Yonka moisturizer recommendations: a client’s question

Hi Carolyn! Quick question: I’m still using Yonka’s Optimizer Serum and Cream [aka Optimizer Duo]. Is there any other moisturizer I could use or should try? I still have combination skin, although we’re heading into winter in Chicago. I’m missing the Yonka aromas that I get from other creams in the line! Just thought I’d ask to see if you have any recommendations for other Yonka creams.

One of the many qualities of Yonka-Paris skin care is the amazing aromas. Finding aromatic cremes here is not a problem! Have you ever tried Masque Nº1? I’m thinking you have used it in the past and you didn’t like itis that right? Mask 1 is my favorite cream and has a lovely jasmine aromatic. (This wonderful creme has been “rebranded” and is now called Hydra Nº1 Masque. It is not what I would call identical to Mask 1 but it’s a close 2nd.)

A newer product, Nutri Defense, is also a good winter cream. I have a client with problem skin who is having issues with dehydration and she swears by this cream! This wouldn’t be my go-to product for an oilier skin, but I do recommend it for my true-dry skin clients, especially during a Colorado winter. Even though you have a combination skin type, you might do just fine with Nutri Defense.

Pamplemousse PS is a wonderful grapefruit cream. You might need to add a moisture-boosting elixir like Hydralia (now renamed: Hydra+) to this creme for winter. Pamplemousse PS isn’t as hydrating as other Yonka dry skin creams, but using the glycerin additive can really make this a perfect combination for your combination skin in a dry Chicago winter. 

Vital Defense is a another option. It too might necessitate Hydralia for extra oomph. It is “lighter” than Nutri Defense but you could try it without Hydralia and see if it is hydrating enough. However in the middle of winter you’ll most likely want some extra hydration so having Hydralia on hand is a good idea.

I hope this helps! Yonka truly has so many wonderful moisturizing creams I know one of these will be a good fit—probably more than one! 

For more information, see:

Monday, June 22, 2020

A goodbye to my book editor, Mel Ann Coley

The following appears in my 2nd book, Skin Care A to Z. What I wrote back then tells the story, so I wont repeat myself...


The day I heard Mel Ann had passed away, I was flooded with memories of our working together. She had been the primary editor for my first two books, and she’d spent perilous hours working with me to get my writing up to both of our high standards. Her excellence, advice, and technical support proved invaluable, and I believe Mel Ann made me a better writer for having worked with her.

When I approached her to edit this [2nd] book, she was unable to accept the job. She had so many projects on her plate as her own career as a writer was starting to take off. My disappointment was no doubt audible as we spoke on the phone, but I hung up thinking I would somehow get through without her. I didn’t put much effort into finding another editor—I really wanted Mel Ann and was in complete denial about her turning down this job.

A few months later I got the call: Mel Ann would be able to edit for me during a break she had coming up in her schedule. I was thrilled and excited, to say the least! Her tireless efforts and attention to detail are once again reflected in the quality of this work.

I am forever indebted to Mel Ann Coley for giving me so much of herself during the editing of Timeless Skin and Skin Care A to Z. To her husband Bryan and her children Rachel and David: God Bless you and all of your family. I know this loss was devastating.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Quick Tips for The Extras

As I describe in The Extras—Do more to have healthy skin (link below), incorporating a few extra steps on a weekly basis can go a long way to contributing to your skin’s overall health. Following are some quick tips to help you enjoy The Extras even more.

Here are some Quick Tips taken from articles previously published on the subject:
  • Music is an important component when getting into a relaxed state: body and mind. Put soothing music on in the background while you let your clay mask do its job for your skin.
  • To involve your kids and perhaps give them a better understanding of your quiet time, have them draw or paint a creative Do Not Disturb sign for you to hang on the bathroom door.
  • I like to use relaxation time in the bath to say my daily affirmations (prayers). All distractions are gone, and I can concentrate on the words I am reciting. (I do this in the shower too.) See Are you a “Bath Person”? (link below) for information on what to use in your bath along with other helpful tips for making bath-time relaxation time.
  • If you travel, packing an inflatable bath pillow can help you enjoy your bath time while on the road. They are inexpensive (usually under $10) and won’t take up much space in your travel bag. You can do The Extras and take a relaxing bath while the clay mask is doing its magic!

Interviews on TV & Radio: all links so far

radio interviews

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Good Morning Texas with guest Carolyn Ash, 1st of two appearances

Good Morning Texas (2000) was the very first TV show I was on to promote my then new (1st) book, Timeless Skin. And was I excited! GMT was nice enough to have me on a 2nd time, sometime a year or so later. Unfortunately most of my TV appearances went up in flamesliterally! My home was involved in the October 2017 Wine Country wildfires.

Luckily, just before the fires I was starting to put my TV shows up on youtube. So I am thankful I retain some of the many shows I was on, but unfortunately the quality of almost all of these videos is not very high. Still, you can see the younger me, about 40 years old, with my short hair and enthusiastic ambition.

I chuckle when I see this and all the Dallas TV shows I did during 2000-2001. Each time I was told to wear calm colors, no stripes, and nothing loud. I didn’t ever adhere to those recommendations (!). And in each of these shows, except for The Iyanla Show (I relented due to pressure and what I felt was displeasure), I wore not a stitch of makeup. No foundation, nothing. I just felt strongly I wanted to look like what I look like and so I wouldn’t let the makeup artists put anything on me.

This segment ends at 8:52 minutes, although the video goes on (blank) until just after 12 minutes. And, with all of these videos, it is a bit blurry. CLICK HERE to see this video on youtube.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Yonka Moisturizers: all links so far

yonka moisturizers

PHYTO 58 PS and PNG—therapeutic night creams for both dry and normal to oily skin

  • SENSITIVE CREME (replaces Creme 83) (upcoming)
  • Yonka moves to airless jars for their skin care creams (coming soon)

          plus many, many more!