Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A goodbye to my book editor, Mel Ann Coley

The following appears in my 2nd book, Skin Care A to Z. What I wrote back then tells the story, so I wont repeat myself...


The day I heard Mel Ann had passed away, I was flooded with memories of our working together. She had been the primary editor for my first two books, and she’d spent perilous hours working with me to get my writing up to both of our high standards. Her excellence, advice, and technical support proved invaluable, and I believe Mel Ann made me a better writer for having worked with her.

When I approached her to edit this [2nd] book, she was unable to accept the job. She had so many projects on her plate as her own career as a writer was starting to take off. My disappointment was no doubt audible as we spoke on the phone, but I hung up thinking I would somehow get through without her. I didn’t put much effort into finding another editor—I really wanted Mel Ann and was in complete denial about her turning down this job.

A few months later I got the call: Mel Ann would be able to edit for me during a break she had coming up in her schedule. I was thrilled and excited, to say the least! Her tireless efforts and attention to detail are once again reflected in the quality of this work.

I am forever indebted to Mel Ann Coley for giving me so much of herself during the editing of Timeless Skin and Skin Care A to Z. To her husband Bryan and her children Rachel and David: God Bless you and all of your family. I know this loss was devastating.