Friday, January 23, 2009

Growing a Donation: Hair for Locks of Love

Some of you know last January (2008) I cut 12 inches of my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love. Having spent this past year with my short short hair, I was thinking about ways I could contribute to someone elses life, and I decided to grow my hair out again and donate it once Ive reached the minimum 10 inches.

For me, my hair isnt really an area of concern. I realize for many people how their hair looks makes or breaks their day. Although the growing out process has its moments, I feel good about my decision and look forward to growing this donation mindfully.

If youre looking for something to doto give back—consider joining me and growing your hair out this year! It will help one or more people who have lost their hair through illness and/or disease. As an added benefit, you will save money since youll need fewer haircuts!

For more information on donating your hair, please visit:
To read about my 2015 hair donation, see: