Monday, September 19, 2011

Eyebrows: Should you wax or tweeze?

A client recently wrote me with this question:
I need your advice on brow trims. Does it matter if you wax or tweeze?

Have you ever had an eyebrow wax? If not, I am more in favor of you not waxing because it can set up a process you may have to do forever. I prefer tweezing over waxing because you get only the hairs you want to remove vs. all the hair in the area being waxed. However, if you are the type to “pick” instead of tweeze your brows, perhaps waxing is a better option for you. You can really do damage to your skin if you try too hard to get “that darn hair” out; you can cause a little injury to that sensitive skin above your eyes.

Also, if you are not an
artist, going to a professional may be the best choice—even if they tweeze your brows and never wax. In a salon, the expert knows how to shape your brows to fit your face, something you may not know how to do.

Know yourself, and if you decide you are not the best person to be messing around in that area, get a referral from a friend for a great waxing salon. 

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