Monday, January 28, 2019

MYTH: You need to use a separate cream for your neck

Many times advertisements for neck creams are another ploy to get you to buy more products. Although the skin on your neck varies from the skin on your face, I recommend treating it basically the same using your regular facial products. I always recommend including your neck in everything you do to your face: The Basics plus exfoliation and sunscreen. However, it is usually unnecessary to purchase a separate cream for this area.

With that said, if you want to use something different or special on your neck, go right ahead! Sometimes I use Yonka’s Optimizer Gel Lift (meant for the neck among other areas), and I do like it. Do I see an appreciable difference using that special product vs. my daily moisturizing creams? Truthfully, I haven’t used Gel Lift or any other neck-specific product long enough to give a well-informed answer to that question.

As with all issues pertaining to skin care, if you see a difference for the better—great! Keep using that product or procedure. If you don’t, you probably won’t continue on.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Holiday Recovery Program: Part II

In Holiday Recovery Program: Part I, keeping your skin hydrated during and after the holidays was discussed. Breakout is another common problem you may face when all the holiday commotion has died down. Some of the culprits are:
  • Sugar and fatty foods can overload your system and cause your skin to break out. Holiday cookies, pies, and candied foods individually may not give you blemishes, but because these kinds of foods are so plentiful during the holidays, you may not even realize how much of them you have eaten. 
  • Stress weakens your immune system, which can cause all kinds of problems including poor elimination. Since your skin in the largest organ of elimination, breakouts are common when you are under stress.
  • Even a lack of sleep can put excess stress on your body and therefore your skin. Consistent restful sleep will be reflected in the healthy look of your skin.
  • And don’t get me started on those of you who may have gone to sleep with makeup on. This is a skin care no-no and will inevitably cause congestion in your pores leading to breakouts.
There are several good treatments to help clear breakouts and clean up your skin. Using a clay mask on your entire face will help clean out the pores as well as stimulate blood circulation, which helps to eliminate toxins and brings out a healthy glow. You can even dot the mask on your blemishes and leave it on overnight to give any infections extra attention, helping breakout to heal faster. Geranium (or lavender) essential oil is another solution for problem skin. Due to its antibacterial properties, geranium will help speed up recovery time on any red, infected places. Drinking water is another key step to keeping your skin clear. Helping to flush toxins out of the body, water helps with the overall health of (all) cells as well as assisting with detoxification.
Tired, depleted skin is usually a result of a lack of rest combined with poor skin care habits, both common during the holidays. The solution?
  • Breathe! Finding time to “relax” during a hectic day may seem impossible, but even slowing down and taking a couple of deep breaths every now and then can help calm down the chaos in your life (and mind).
  • Take a nap. Lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of dull-looking skin. Giving your body a breakeven for 15 minuteswill help keep you looking radiant throughout the new year.
  • Water is essential for healthy tissue, so drinking water will always help to revitalize your skin. (It helps with weight loss, too.) 
  • Take a bath. Lock the door to the bathroom, put on some soothing music, add aromatic bath salts to the tub, light some mood-enhancing candles, and R E L A X—you deserve it! You made it through the holiday madness and now it’s time for you.
  • Get a facial. There is nothing better for your skin than a professional skin care treatment. In the hands of a pro your skin will come to life again, even if you overindulged in holiday cheer.
You can incorporate any and all the suggestions from both Part I and Part II of the Holiday Recovery Program any time during the year. Doing extra things for your skin (and body) right after the holidays will go a long way to help your health, inside and out, all year round.

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BE WELL, and have a safe and healthy new year!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

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