Saturday, September 12, 2020

Questions about Yonka’s Hydra N°1 products & hydrating masks

Hi Carolyn, I have a question about the Hydra N°1 Creme I ordered. Can this also be used as a mask? The aesthetician I go to sometimes uses either Hydra N°1 or maybe the Masque N°1 when my skin is dehydratedI’m not sure. For a daily moisturizer, the Hydra N°1 Creme is sometimes too moisturizing for my (still!) oily skin that (still!) occasionally breaks out. What are your thoughts?

Actually any moisturizer can be used as a mask. The two main types of masks are clay (my favorite) and hydrating or moisturizing types. As you can read in other hydrating masks articles here, I’m not a fan of moisture masks. I don’t think you really need to purchase a separate hydrating facial mask, instead just you a thick layer of your day or nighttime cream. 

Some people may balk at that recommendation, but I give it knowing that skin care products can be and are expensive and I would much rather have someone spend money on their everyday products (The Basics: cleanser, toner, moisturizer) than on a completely separate product, which would simply be a thick cream, marketed as a hydrating mask.
I do not like this kind of policy
For any of you with red, irritated skin, I think either Sensitive Creme or Sensitive Masque might be  good products to use as a mask especially when your skin is acting up. As with any and all products when you have sensitive skin, you may have to go through some trial and error. When I was a working aesthetician with a salon and clients, I always (always) sampled as many products as I could whenever I could. I let the products do the selling, because if you came to my salon—you got samples, and that was how I sold this product line.

If possible, get a sample of the Hydra products or any other cream or mask you think might work for your skin. And if you have to purchase in order to try it, be sure you understand the salon or store’s return policy. If it doesn’t work your skin and you can’t return it, opt for another place to purchase your products. And be sure and get a receipt!

In the end, if you want to have a separate product to use as a hydrating mask—go for it! But to consolidate and save money at the same time, I stand by my recommendation to use your moisturizing cream as a hydrating mask if you feel you need the extra moisture. If the Hydra products work for your skin, great. Then use one of those as a mask when you want to.

If, as you mentioned, the Hydra Nº1 is too much for your sometimes oily skin, then use another creme that isn’t so emollient as your hydrating mask of choice. A cream is a cream and even a product for an oilier skin if sitting on the surface for 15-20 as a mask will still hydrate the skin underneath. (But you know what I really recommend: gommage!)

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