Sunday, September 27, 2020

“What can I do about severely chapped lips?” Plus a gift from COVID

What can I do about severely chapped lips? Are there any good lip products?

Although it is a common problem, chapped lips can become a thing of the past. What does it take? Diligence and consistent use of proper lip products. And in the case of severely chapped lips, a vacation from lipstick—a product that probably caused much of the chapping in the first place.

One reason I don’t have chapped lips: I don’t wear lipstick. I haven’t for over 20 years, and when I did wear it, my lips were invariably chapped—if not always, then often. I am not advocating giving up lipstick altogether, but I am recommending becoming aware that lipstick could very well be a main culprit in your chapped lips conundrum. If you don’t want chapped lips, you must be prepared to treat your lips—especially if you are a lipstick wearer.

Non-petroleum lip balms are the products that I recommend most for chapped lips. The downside is they don't add color to your lips; tinted lip balms do, but they don't have the coverage like a true lipstick. However there are some products on the market that can give you moisturizing abilities in a regular lipstick.

I have a client who has always had very dry, cracked lips. Aside from lipstick use, there doesn’t seem to be a clear and definite reason for this severe condition. Because of her lip concerns, she has tried every lipstick and lip product known to womankind. I have seen an improvement in her lips since she started consistently using one of the newer moisturizing lipsticks.

Try one of these moisturizing lipstick products and see if it helps with your dry, cracked lips. I recommend finding a moisturizing lipstick with SPF 15 (at least). You want to protect your lips from the sun—not just your skin. And to treat your cracked lips at night, do use a non-petroleum lip balm.

Now that there is a worldwide pandemic and we are wearing face masks whenever we are in public, which is usually where and why you wear lipstick (in public): take this time as a gift if you have chapped lips and stop wearing lipstick!—for now. You can’t really wear it with a face covering and this break will give your lip tissue a rest from the many times drying effects of lipstick.

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