Thursday, September 10, 2020

A client with super sensitive skin: The trial & error of finding products

I have super sensitive skin and can’t use any products with fragrance. I have avoided using anything for years, and now at 55 I have crepe paper skin (neck, arms, legs). I want to know what to do about it and what products you recommend? Also, what should I use on my face? I’ve been using Cetaphil (cleanser only) on your recommendation and that doesn’t bother me. Finally, what is a derma roller* and should I be using one?
*See link below for my answer to this question.

Since you are so sensitive, you know more than I will about what you can and cannot use from the trial and error you’ve been through. Surely you’re using something to moisturize your face that doesn’t bother it. So really, I’d keep using what you’re using since it isn’t irritating. Hopefully we’ll find something you can add to the moisturizer that will help to give your crepey skin some extra hydration. Hydrating elixirs can be added to your creams to add extra moisture without adding more oil.

As far as your age and the crepey, flaccid skin you are experiencing, this is—I’m sorry to say—not out of the ordinary. Skin thins with age and at 55 you are lucky you’re just now noticing less firm skin. Keeping the skin on your entire body well-hydrated and exfoliated will help to some degree while the natural aging process continues to take hold and do its normal job of breaking things down. Exfoliation especially will help with blood circulation and can bring a healthier look to all skin. But you can’t really change the skin getting thinner with age—unless you go back in time.

You could try a Cetaphil moisturizer for sensitive skin for your face. Since you don’t have problems with their cleanser, perhaps their creams will work for you too. All of these types of products are inert—without active ingredients (like essential oils) that might irritate your super sensitive skin. I think that would be a good starting place.

Try using Cetaphil on your body as well to help keep the dry skin to a minimum. If you aren’t using a body cream each and every time you’re out of water (bath or shower—or even swimming), your skin will look and feel even dryer and have that crepey look.

Many products like Cetaphil have moisturizers for face and body—all in one. Normally I would be against using one cream for everything, but in your case with your super sensitive skin—and especially if you find one that works for you—I would recommend it absolutely.

My primary suggestion for anyone, sensitive skin or not, is The Basics: Cleansing, using a pH balanced toner, and moisturizing. Every day, ideally twice per day. All of your products need to be proper pH in fact. Even though it’s very important to get rid of the dead skin off the surface, with your sensitivities I’d hold off for now until you have products for your Basics routine in place. After that we can look into some exfoliation products that might not (hopefully) irritate your skin.

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