Monday, May 25, 2009

Quincy Blu: My newest pack member

One of my wonderful clients told me I should put some personal stuff about myself on this blog. So I thought I’d start with my life as a Pack Leader!

I am in love with The Dog Whisperer. I believe in the show’s host, Cesar Millan, and his way with “red zone” cases, which are basically dogs who have gone over the edge and have aggression issues. I also agree with his general mantra: exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order) and being the pack leader (vs. your dog being the leader of the pack). I have followed Cesar’s blossoming career from the beginning of the show, and you can usually find it on the National Geographic channel. It’s a great program if you have a chance to watch it.

Last November I decided to adopt a pup from the Boulder Valley Humane Society (BVHS). Actually, the day I went in and found my dog, I really wasn’t expecting (or ready) to adopt. I had gone to BVHS on previous weekends to see the dogs and cats and to just peruse. At the time I was still living in what is now my 1 bedroom rental with my 2 cats. I already felt cramped and wasn’t going to move into my new 2 bedroom condo for another 6 weeks.
Life truly does happen while we’re making other plans. And so was the case that wonderful day in November. I knew I wanted an Australian Cattle Dog. They have the kind of temperament and activity level I was looking for. They are termed Velcro dogs because they are very people oriented and tend to follow you around and stick by your side. Because my dog would be a hiking companion, this was just what I was looking for. Enter: Little Bit—my pooches name when I adopted him. I don’t get the name, but I was going to change it anyway, so it didn’t matter. But Little Bit? After a few days of being around him, Quincy Blu became his forever name.

The “Blu” in his name is an homage to his Australian heritage. I’ve heard that in OZ they call red-headed men Blue or Bluey. Since Quincy is a Red Heeler, I thought this was a fun way to keep his Aussie background in his name. Quincy? Not sure, it just came to me. He is a joy in my life and, although my cats are not so happy with me for bringing in a canine, he is a good and willing member of our pack.

In January he had bilateral (both) elbow surgery to remove bone fragments and a floating bone found during surgery. It has been an interesting recovery process and now, poor boy, he needs an additional surgery on his right elbow that hasn't responded to rehab. More bone spurs were found, so at the end of July he will have his second (and last!) surgery. Due to all of this, I sometimes refer to him as my million dollar dog!

Regardless, Quincy has found his forever home, complete with 2 cats for him to herd! CLICK HERE for a video of Quincy when he was “Little Bit at the BVHS. He was so sweet, even before he was mine!

UPDATE 7/2015
Please read my tribute to this wonderful pup who was a treasure every day he graced my life:
Quincy loved to roll and roll and roll :+)