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Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime

Geared toward helping both male and female consumers wade through all the hype and contradictions about skin care, Timeless Skin offers the truth about how to take proper care of your skin in simple and easy ways.

Topics include:
  • Why soap is a skin care no-no
  • The unexpected reason to use a toner
  • How pregnancy impacts the skin
  • Simple solutions for treating problem skin at home
  • Why some people may be “skin-sensitive” to sugar
  • How to read ingredients and select skin care products
  • How essential oils benefit oily skin
  • How to best protect skin from the suns harmful rays
  • Why chlorophyll is important to skin care
  • What to expect from a professional facial
  • How to stop wearing foundation and love it!
See Timeless Skin—The Introduction for more information.

Softcover, 269 pages (17 chapters). $14.95

Skin Care A to Z

What does your skin say about you? More importantly, what is your skin trying to tell you about your overall health? Skin care isn’t just topical—it’s internal—reflecting how your body is handling food, hormones, stress, and environment. 

Carolyn Ash is determined to demystify skin care. Highly regarded as America’s foremost skin care expert, she has put together the most honest and comprehensive skincyclopedia to date. From Accutane to Melanoma to Zinc Oxide, Skin Care A to Z offers information, tips, and guidance for everyone regardless of age, race, or skin type.

Carolyn Ash’s “wholistic” approach to beautiful, healthy skin starts from the inside out. By explaining the connection between overall internal health and outward appearance, Skin Care A to Z provides new insight into some of the oldest skin care concerns. 

Skin Care A to Z is filled with case studies, detailed explanations, and answers to the questions on everyones mind. It’s a tell-it-like-it-is resource for your skin that reads like a conversation with your best friend.

See An Introduction to Skin Care A to Z for more information.

Softcover, 454 pages. $19.95