Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life in Transition: Take this moment for You

I was talking with a client today who got laid-off a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, she is joining the ranks of thousands—maybe millions.

I could hear the stress in her voice and I offered her the following:
  • Dont pass up this opportunity to take a moment and relax in your life. 
Yes, do your due diligence and take whatever steps to find employment. But there are going to be periods of time where you’ve done everything you can, and what you need to do now is just relax. Don’t feel guilty that you are “slacking off” or otherwise losing focus. On the contrary. If you don’t balance this time you have (wanted or not) with relaxation and moments of stresslessness, you will no doubt come across to perspective employers as a big stress ball!

There isn’t anything wrong with taking an hour out of your day and doing something that brings you joy. After you’ve made the phone calls and looked at all the job opportunities online, go whip up a new recipe you’ve always wanted to try. Go for a wonderful hike in the mountains. Read a frivolous novel or watch a mindless show on TV. Take a moment for yourself, for your health, and know it is OK.

In short: Do what you need to do then let go. Let go and trust that everything is going to work out. Hasn’t it always in the past? You’re here, now. You have food to eat and a roof over your head. Doubtful that is going to be taken away from you. Trust in life and in yourself and keep your mind/body/spirit in balance. Balance, after all, is the key to health and well-being.

Blessings to all of you who are in a transition. BE WELL.

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