Thursday, July 9, 2015

Relaxation—can you dig it?

Life is a balancing act. If you continue to lead a stress-filled life without incorporating stress-reducing activities, your body will eventually show and feel the effects. Sometimes getting sick is your body telling you it’s time to slow down. That is why balancing the stress in your life with relaxation is so important. Without the two in balance, it’s doubtful you can remain healthy for the long haul.

Relaxing—every day—is the stuff health is made of. Relaxation can come in many forms. It could simply be becoming aware of your breathing by taking a few deep breaths, which immediately helps to calm your nerves. Relaxation could be getting a massage or a facial. It could be drawing a nice hot bubble bath, climbing in the tub and shutting the door to the world for a few minutes. Reading is relaxing for many people.

Exercising is widely known to help many people relax. For me, exercise definitely helps to release stress and get my circulation going, but I don’t really find it relaxing. I am more of a massage or facial person. Give me a day at a spa, and I am a happy camper. Most of the time, though, I create my own relaxing spa-type experience in the comfort, convenience, and free environment of my home.
Some nights if I am in need of balancing, I will make some tea or perhaps pour a nice glass of wine. I have a lot of candles throughout my home that I like to light. Candles not only give off wonderful relaxing aromatics, but I think the kind of light they put out is relaxing on its own. I like to relax in the bathtub—especially if it’s full of bubbles. Having soft music on in the background lays the groundwork for my body to fully let go and relax into the hot, bubbly water. If I’m being extra good, I will exfoliate before the bath then put on a clay mask to wear while in the tub. This way I am not only creating a relaxing environment for my body, but I’m treating my skin to a facial as well.

When I’m in the bath, I will do some deep breathing to ensure my body gets a good supply of oxygen while letting all my muscles release at the same time. I don’t have children (I do have the 4-legged kind), but if you do and you want to relax in the bath (or wherever), arrange to have your husband (or wife) or a friend take care of them—even for just 30 minutes once in a while so you can take care of yourself.

Without relaxation in our lives, we could not exist—not for long, anyway. There has to be a balance in order for the body to keep going. Whatever it is that is relaxing to you, work on incorporating one, two, or more of these activities into your life to create the balance your body deserves. Relaxation is not just a frivolous waste of time; it is a necessary component of a healthy life and a healthy body—and therefore, healthy skin.

There are hundreds of books on the subject of relaxation. Numerous CDs are available that have either meditation exercises or simply quiet, peaceful music that can be helpful tools for relaxation.

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