Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yonka’s MASQUE 103—Detoxifying Clay Mask for normal to oily and problem skin

MASQUE 103, a clay-based mask from Yonka-Paris, is a great at-home treatment for breakout as well as for all-around clean, healthy skin. Clay absorbs oil and draws impurities to the surface while calming and reducing inflammation. Clay also stimulates blood circulation, getting oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which makes a clay-based mask good for all skin, no matter what “type.” 

Masque 103 is best for normal to oily or problem, acneic skin. This version has a higher concentration of clay making it more detoxifying and clearing. (Masque 105 is better for true-dry and sensitive skin. With a lesser concentration of clay, it is perfect for cleaning out the pores of even the most sensitive skin. Even if you have true-dry (oil-dry) skin, you can always use a good deep cleaning.) All skin types can benefit from the circulatory acceleration that comes from using a clay mask.

 Masque 103 can be used in several ways:
  • As a mask, covering the entire face and left on for 15 minutes, once to several times per week. *Remember to keep the mask moist by spraying with water or toner. See link to How to use a Clay Mask below.
  • As a spot treatment, dotted on the blemish at night before bed and left on while you sleep. If the spot is medium to small without a lot of infection, this dotting method can really reduce its size overnight.
  • For an extra-strength cleanser, mix equal parts clay mask with your cleansing milk, gel, or wash creme and cleanse as you normally do (apply/massage/rinse).
Essential ingredients:
  • 3 clays
    • Montmorillonite (France)—detoxifies, oxygenates
    • Bentonite (France)—purifying, clearing
    • Kaolin (China)—balances oil secretions, purifying, clearing
  • Borneol—purifying, clearing
  • Sage—detoxifies, antisepticizes
  • Essential oil of orange—astringent, antisepticizes 
  • Wild thyme extract—decongests, antisepticizes
  • Essential oils of lemon and lime—astringent, toning
  • Yonka “Quintessence” (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—purifying, balancing 
Directions for use:

Use clay once a week. If you have a lot of breakout, mask 2-3x per week.

  • Apply this aromatic cleansing mask in a thick layer to the entire face after cleansing or after using Gommage
  • Leave on about 15 minutes
*The mask needs to stay moist the entire time it’s on your skin. If you let this (or anything) dry on your skin, it will just dry out the skin’s surface. One step forward, two steps back. This is what I recommend:
  • Apply mask and immediately spray your toner liberally over entire face
  • After 5 minutes or so (whenever you feel the clay start to dry), you will need to spray again and can either use your Yonka toner or get a spray bottle and fill with filtered (clean) water
  • Keep mask moist until you remove it
  • After 15-20 minutes, remove mask with tepid, room temperature water (never hot or cold)
  • After pat-drying your skin, spray the toner and apply your moisturizer

For more information, see: