Friday, July 31, 2015

Tarzan exfoliates

I have a lovely male client who comes in every month for a facial. First I have to say that the fact he comes in regularly wins brownie points in my book. I’ve said many times that facials are genderless treatments. Similar to haircuts or massages, facials are good for the male of the species—not just the ladies.

On his last visit, I was remarking about the improvement I saw in his skin, no doubt partly due to the fact he was no longer using a loofah on his face. Yes, on his initial visit when doing his intake form, I found out he was using a loofah sponge and water to exfoliate his face. I told him I was glad he was no longer using the “Tarzan Method” of exfoliation and it was definitely helping his skin.

Sometimes (usually?) men tend to use a more, lets say, practical, bare bones approach to things. Your skin needs to be sloughed off, so you use a hard, stiff loofah sponge. Why not, itll get the job done, right? Ill tell you why not: Using a loofah or any other stiff, hard material on your skin can and will wreak havoc! These types of materials are simply too rough for the delicate nature of the skineven the tougher, thicker texture of a mans skin. (Regarding this photo: there is nothing happy about using a loofah on your face.)

Facial scrubs are the most common product used for exfoliation, and they are the most readily available in stores and salons. Scrubs are also the simplest exfoliators to use. I recommend applying a facial scrub while taking a shower because it makes cleaning it off your face much easier than at your bathroom sink. The little particles that make up the scrub will get completely rinsed off with the showerhead spray, perhaps not so much just with your hands at the sink.

In case you, too, are using the Tarzan Method to get rid of dead skin cells, please (please) put the loofah down and reach for a scrub the next time you go to exfoliate your face. No matter what you use, exfoliation is an important step in your healthy skin care routine.

My client now uses a facial scrub. His skin (through facials as well as home exfoliation) is looking better than ever. He said he doesnt miss his loofah at all. 

For some of the hows and whys of exfoliation, read:
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No loofahs, please!