Thursday, May 31, 2018

Regarding this blog and its content

Since I have officially retired from my 33+ year career in skin care (5/2018) and am no longer helping individuals with their skin in a salon setting anymore, I wanted to continue to make as much of the information I have accumulated in that time available to all who seek it.

Although currently there are over 700 articles published on this blogsite, I still have dozens of articles yet to post. Just because I am not actively working as an aesthetician, I hope my writing continues to help educate you through the articles on this blog. My hands-on experience has been over 3 decades in the making.

You may notice that some of the blog posts are taken from my two skin care books, Timeless Skin and Skin Care A to Z. There is so much content in those books I thought putting it here might make it more readily available to those of you who haven’t read the books or who don’t even know about them. Because the books were published in 2000 and 2004, I have updated any and all articles as needed.

Personally, I prefer to have a book in my hands with all the information available at my fingertips. But for some of you, having the separate blog posts may work the same or even better.

On the right side of the page(s) of this blog are the categories that all of the posts are separated into. This acts like an index of sorts. Hopefully you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for. In most cases where there are numerous articles under one category, I have inserted a page that contains all the links that have posted per a subject so far. I hope this helps in terms of being able to easily navigate the blogsite.

If you’re interested in purchasing one or both of my books, try Amazon.com. There are many used copies of Timeless Skin on that site. Since I never officially sold Skin Care A to Z on Amazon, there are fewer copies floating around. Most A to Z books for sale are used library copies. 

Regardless if you’ve read my books, have been a client in my salons, or you’re simply clicking around this blog to find helpful tidbits, I hope the content I’m supplying will help with whatever skin care problems or questions you have.

Cheers, and thank you for reading my blog!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Retirement is Here!


After 33 years as an aesthetician (24 years as a salon owner):

I have retired from the skin care industry effective May 2018!
This past March marked the 24th anniversary of my first Carolyn Ash Skin Care salon and commemorated my 33rd year as a working aesthetician. Now, after over 3 decades in skin care, it’s time to retire.

To all of my clients: I have loved helping you get through the trials and tribulations of problem skin, aging skin, and even no-problem skin and giving you facial treatments for all of these many years. I have written two (great!) books on the subject, done TV shows and seminars, and now it is time for me to change direction and follow a new path. And although I am leaving the skin care industry, I hope you feel wiser and well-educated in how to care for your skin long-term.

Along with closing all of my skin care offices, I have also terminated my mail order business, something I have operated for over 20 years. My website (www.carolynash.com) will remain “up,” however I have taken the shopping area off and no orders can be processed from there. As you can see, the website is a simple one-page announcement of my retirement along with a link to this blogsite.

Regarding this blog: I have worked for many years getting articles (over 700 and counting!) up on this blog to help you with your skin—with or without me. I still have dozens of articles left to publish, so keep checking in to get my advice. See Regarding this blog and its content (link below) to understand what my plan has been and is for continuing this blog—and for you!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making my long career fruitful, exciting, and rewarding beyond my dreams. I wish you all the best of health—mind, body, and skin!

With deep love and appreciation for my wonderful clients and readers through all of these years,

:+) Carolyn.

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