Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow your intuition—that little voice in your head

How many times have you heard the “little voice” in your head, only to disregard it and perhaps regret that decision later on? I can say for sure this computer glitch definitely has me wishing I had listened.

A while back, my mom sent me this great little backup device for my PC that was totally easy to set up—even I could do it. I moved it from my kitchen to my office to right next to my computer in order to trigger my memory to use it. Still, I didn’t. Now my PC [was] at the shop, and hopefully the technicians will be able to retrieve all on my hard drive, all I haven’t yet backed up. [All was retrieved and rescued in the end.]

My point is: Listen to that voice. It usually if not always knows the right path to take. And if you hear a warning over and over: heed it! It might be that all-knowing part of yourself trying to alert you to something that may be blocking your path up ahead.

I wish I had listened, but lesson learned—again!

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