Monday, March 2, 2020

Exfoliating on sensitive skin: How much is too much?

How often can I exfoliate without causing dryness or irritation?   

This truly is subjective. It all depends on what you’re using to exfoliate and also the condition and sensitivity of your particular skin. Men, for instance, tend to have less-sensitive skin as a whole. It is thicker skin and tends to hold up to harsher products (not always, but in general). —

There are all kinds of variations to sensitive skin.

One obvious “test” is if you feel irritation with your exfoliator, ask these basic questions:
  • Is it an abrasive scrub? If so, your skin might be sensitive to this particular product and the particles contained in it or your skin could be sensitive to any scrub due to their abrasive nature.
  • How often are you using the exoliatior? If you only use it once a week and it irritates your skin every time, stop using it and opt for a gel exfoliator, like Yonka’s Gommage. If you are using the exfolitor every day, back off and see if your skin feels better with using it less.

Gel exfoliators are generally “easier” on the skin than abrasive scrubs are.

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