Thursday, April 2, 2015

Problem skin profile: Donna—constipated with problem skin

Donna has blackheads on her nose and rarely gets whiteheads. She experiences most of her breakouts in the hollows of her cheeks. She complains of oily eyelids. Other than her normal daily routine, she uses a peel-off mask now and then.

For breakfast, she has oatmeal or cereal, and sometimes a bagel and eggs. On a normal work day, she has fast food for lunch. The sugar she knows she eats comes in the form of muffins, which is just like cake in terms of sugar content—no matter how healthy they may appear to be. Donna says she is “very constipated.”

Donna used Proactiv for three months; then she said it stopped working. This is something a lot of people have told me. But I will say this: No matter what regime you are using product-wise, if you don’t change your eating habits, there is no guarantee your skin troubles will exit your life.

Donna’s case is actually easy to help. She wasn’t really aware of how much sugar she was getting just by eating cereal and muffins, which are loaded with sugar, let alone other sugary foods she did know about. Fast food is not good for either her skin or her colon. Without eating at least as much good food as bad food in her diet, she shouldn’t expect constipation and problem skin to be out of the ordinary. Diet is key here.

Preparation is going to be Donna’s challenge as well as her saving grace. Usually the reason we eat fast food is convenience. If she were to be very organized and prepare lunch for herself, which would also include healthy snacks for her work week, she would be able to eliminate a lot of her problem foods. Getting away from all the sugar is a little harder. Sugar is physically addicting and an acquired craving not so readily dismissed by the body.

I would recommend Donna immediately start taking both chlorophyll and acidophilus. Chlorophyll, if taken regularly, can really help with constipation and elimination. Because of the buildup of old debris in her colon, there is no doubt an unhealthy amount of bad bacteria growing there as well. Taking acidophilus will help to restore a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria.

Above all else, water is essential to Donna’s skin care program. I can’t stress this enough: Drink more water! For Donna, it will help with her constipation (keeping her colon hydrated will help things to move along), it will help with her skin (it takes water to eliminate toxins from the body), and it will indeed help every cell in her body function better (each cell contains up to 2/3 water). Without adequate amounts of water, our entire body’s health is compromised.

I believe with conscientious design, Donna’s skin problems can be a thing of the past. She has to be willing to let go of old patterns of eating and accept some new lifestyle changes. If clear skin really is a priority for her, Donna will make these all-important changes.

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