Monday, April 6, 2015

De-stressing Quick Tip: Music IS the doctor!

Music can have a therapeutic and relaxing effect after a stressful day. If you arent sleeping well, try playing a relaxation or meditation CD while lying in bed. This type of music tends to be monotone without a lot of crescendo. It is ideal for helping your mind to slow down and stop working so hard, which is usually what is keeping you up. I have made many CDs of the music I use in my facials for clients who were either under stress or just having trouble getting to sleep from time to time.

I also recommend this type of music for a baby who is having trouble sleeping. My clients are quite relieved to find these soothing tones help lull their babes to sleep. And for you new mommies, playing this type of music while lying down (or even sitting up nursing your infant) can help you, too, to relax and hopefully even sleep!

Here are links to a few of the favorites that I play during my facial treatments (and some client favorites, too!):

Daniel Kolbialkas Fragrances of a Dream and Velvet Dreams

 Aeoliahs Angel Love
Here is a list that encompasses most of the music in my facial treatment CD library. Please know I do not receive any compensation or anything for you clicking through to Amazon with the following links. In some cases you can listen to snippets from the CDs on Amazon, so I thought this might be helpful to you.
*For some reason I couldnt find this particular CD on Amazon. I wanted to include it here because once in a while a client wants me to change the sometimes “eerie” or spacey music I have on, and I always grab Music by Paul Horn.
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