Friday, April 3, 2015

Accutane alternatives—one idea

Are there alternatives to Accutane? I was discussing Accutane with a client who was concerned about her skin. She didn’t have a lot of problems, but was experiencing ongoing breakouts. Her diet wasn’t great—she is in college and is subject to peer pressure—and most notably, almost all of her friends are taking Accutane. Convincing someone to go the opposite way of everyone around them (especially their friends) is next to impossible, especially at that malleable age.

Since a woman has to use the birth control pill in order to take Accutane, I thought perhaps she could try going on the Pill only and see if it might help her skin. Please read this: I am in NO WAY advocating going on birth control pills. But since she wasn’t currently taking it and would be required to in order to take Accutane, why not see if the Pill alone might help her skin? Perhaps it’s the lesser of two evils, even though I am certainly not a proponent of taking birth control pills in order to clear up skin problems.

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