Saturday, April 18, 2015

Men & Skin Care: One profile—is this you?

The following is one profile of how some of you take care of your skin. I know this is a generalization, but it is based on seeing male clients over the years, listening to stories about my female clients’ husbands, and asking men wherever I go how they take care of their skin. I know there are those of you (more and more) who are conscientious about your skin and who really do have good skin care habits. The following is not a profile of you, but of “the others.”
  • You almost always use soap. And you use the same soap on your face as you do on your body—whatever is within reach in the shower. This can include deodorant soaps, which by the way, are working to inhibit the sweat glands from producing. How can this be good for your face?
  • After washing with soap in the shower, you usually shave.
  • Next you use aftershave. Many times these products contain alcohol.
  • Sometimes you slap on a moisturizer (any one will do), and you’re off. That’s it—simple, easy, done.
  • You may only use soap in the shower and never mess with moisturizer or even an aftershave. Your reasoning is, “What for?” You aren’t having any problems with your skin, so why bother with products?
  • At night, sometimes you just splash your face with water.

Believe me, I’m not advocating that men follow a complicated skin care routine (women either) when the less-is-more approach seems to be working just fine. I am, however, suggesting incorporating a few minor changes that would be beneficial.

These articles will give you information on how you can best take care of your skin on a daily basis: