Monday, April 20, 2015

“Adult Acne” explained

I have many clients who have been diagnosed at their dermatologists as having “adult acne. When these clients are in my treatment room for a facial and upon further examination, many times it turns out they simply have a minor breakout. Usually it is caused by improper diet, stress, or perhaps a hormone imbalance. Their breakout certainly needs to be addressed, but I dislike the term adult acne, although it is widely used nowadays to describe problem skin in adults.

Technically, even a blackhead has the potential for acne. But it is rare in these individuals diagnosed with adult acne that I see true acne, as opposed to a small breakout. It is all a matter of degree, but the kind of acne I use the term acne for is the full-blown type. An adult can certainly have true acne. But I don’t like overusing the term adult acne when it makes a minor breakout sound much more intense than it really is, lessening the weight of having true acne.

Regardless whether you have true acne, “adult acne,” or simply breakout, please read through this blog to find helpful hints and tips for solving or at least managing your problem skin.

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