Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The BEST Self-Tanner! LAIT AUTO-BRONZANT from Yonka-Paris

In recent years, Yonka has begun changing, in somewhat dramatic fashion, their product line up. Whether it is discontinuing old favorites (so many!) or changing formulations and rebranding products, morphing them into something new and presumably better.

In 2016 they decided to discontinue a favorite product, Auto-Bronzant. When I heard this I wasn’t sure how I was going to break the news to my clients. I had so many of them loving this wonderful self tanning cream.

My update from 2/21/2017 reads:
I just found out today that Yonka has decided to not discontinue this popular product. Since I have already deleted the information page for Auto-Bronzant, I will just leave post this from Yonka headquarters:

The Yonka warehouse has received Auto-Bronzant retail back in stock. After much debate France has agreed to continue to produce the Auto-Bronzant in the retail size. Good news for our partners and clients that enjoy using the product.

Back then, when these changes were ramping up, I would simply delete any article I had on a then discontinued product, something I no longer do and here’s why. Not long, maybe a few months, after Yonka announced Auto-Bronzant would be the next in line to be nixed, they decided (probably because of a loud American uproar!) to not discontinue this very popular product. So now, without further ado, a somewhat different article with similar pieces on the best self tanner: Lait Auto-Bronzant.

From Yonka headquarters: 
LAIT AUTO-BRONZANT is a nourishing, self-tanning milk that hydrates, refreshes and helps create glowing skin without sun exposure. DHA provides self-tanning effects while fruit extracts nourish and enhance the skin's natural radiance. Shea butter promotes cell regeneration to improve the tone and texture of the skin. Auto-Bronzant for the face and body offers a safe, beautiful glow without the harmful effects of the sun. Achieve that golden, summer hue while keeping skin healthy and moisturized.

Exude radiance with this self-tanning milk that gives you a natural, uniform tan in 3 to 4 hours without potentially dangerous sun exposure. Enriched with hydrating fruit extracts and nourishing shea butter, this easy to use sunless bronzing lotion is suitable for all complexion colors and skin types and lends your skin a golden glow. It does not contain sun protection properties and should not be used in place of sunscreen. All throughout the year, the Self-Bronzer for the face Face & Body  and body gives you a natural, perfect and flattering glow a natural-looking, radiant and even flattering glow without exposure to the sun. Ensure all-year tan without sun exposure. Promote hydration of outer layers of skin. A true protective treatment with hydrating, smoothing and nourishing properties.

Key benefits:
  • Hydrates the skin while producing a natural looking tan
  • Lightweight formula gradually enhances over 3-4 hours 
  • Renewed application will deepen and prolong the tanning effect
  • Its fruit extract content helps to promote hydration, 
  • Offers a light sun filtering action and anti-oxidant protection.

For a funny story about Auto-Bronzant, my legs and a golf course incident, click on Do sunless tanning creams really work? below. It will show you how well self tanning products can work and how Yonka’s Auto-Bronzant worked for me specifically.

Essential ingredients:
  • DHA—self-tanning ingredient
  • Vegetable glycerin, passion fruit, lemon—hydrates, repairs
  • Shea butter, karate nut butter, cereal germ oils—repairs, nourishes, protects
  • Rice bran, soy and sunflower oils, vitamin E—antioxidant
    Directions for use:
      Apply Auto-Bronzant evenly over 2 to 3 consecutive days to the body and/or face:
      • Use after makeup removal as well as bath or shower
      • For best result, exfoliate areas (body and face) before application of self tanner
      • Squeeze a quarter size amount into the palm of hand, start from neck up to the forehead, making sure to cover the entire face, feathering into the neck, chest, forehead and ears. 
      • The color will reveal itself after 3 to 4 hours and will last for 3 to 4 days
      • When applying to the face, avoid the hairline and eyebrows
      • Please read the article listed below for more comprehensive and important instruction for using this or any self tanning cream

      As with any and all self-tanning creams, wash your hands immediately after application! If you don’t do this simple step, you will have the tanning dye on your palms—for a while. After using Auto-Bronzant you won’t ever use another product to give yourself the tan of a suntan without the sun.

      For more information, see: