Friday, May 15, 2015

Horse Rescue and Sweat—what?!

I have been happily volunteering at Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) since February 2013. I am in the sun for most of my 2-3 hour shift. Because Im around horses I have on jeans and cowboy boots, and I also wear a long-sleeved shirt under my CHR T-shirt to keep my arms from burning. And to protect my all-important hands, I have on thick leather gloves. (I knowhot, right?!)

Along with the obligatory sunscreen, I always wear a bandana around my neck. I do this to protect the skin on my neck from sun damage. In the summer, I’ll wet the bandana before I put it on; this helps to keep me cooled off a bit. At the end of my shift and after a lot of sweating, before the sunscreen and sweat start to dry, I splash rinse my face and use the bandana to wipe and dry off my face.

Wearing a bandana—or something like it—is a good idea, even if youre out walking. (With other exercising activities, like running and cycling, its a bit harder to pull off wearing one.) In the winter months at the rescue, the bandana adds an extra layer between my skin and the cold winter air.

If youre in the Boulder/Longmont area and are looking for a really satisfying volunteer opportunity, consider Colorado Horse Rescue. Many of the horses who arrive at the rescue have sad backstories, but after a short time, whether a horse is eventually adopted or stays at CHR, the healing power of love is apparent in each and every equine. Seeing these transformations is truly heartwarming and makes this job” so fulfilling and worthwhile. 

For more ideas on keeping your skin safe in the sun, see:
If you look closely, you can see my red bandana poking out around my neck.

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