Thursday, May 28, 2015

A word about food as products: I’m not a fan

I’m not a fan of using homemade, kitchen/food products on your face. Regarding the photo above, I would recommend eating the avocado. As a mask, sure, it will hydrate your skin and possibly have vitamin benefits for your skin’s surface. However, it is inside your body where the benefits of this heavenly fruit are best utilized and needed. Ingesting the vitamins and nutrients from an avocado affects your whole body, not just the dead, outer skin on your face as when used as a mask. If these homemade skin care products are good enough to eat, then you should eat them, not put them topically on your skin. Your body can utilize the nutrients in food much more readily than your skin can.

Homemade products can be too intense and concentrated for a lot of peoples’ skin. If you feel the need to blend something up for your face, go right ahead. It probably won’t be harmful to your skin although most likely it will be of little help, and in my opinion it’ll be a waste of yummy food you could be eating.

Note: If you indeed decide to use food on your face, please monitor any feelings of sensitivity or irritation. If you feel any uncomfortable sensations, immediately remove the homemade product and reach for a manufactured one next time.

For more information, see:
Same advice for these tomatoes: eat them, please!

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