Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Requirements for taking Accutane

Unlike many drugs, before getting a prescription for Accutane, several requirements must be met. Why? Because Accutane carries with it significant risks. For male patients, the concerns are fewer. But for females, the potential for severe birth defects is probably the number one concern while on this medication. Because of this, no female patient is allowed to begin Accutane therapy if she is currently pregnant (no matter how far along) and definitely no pregnancies should occur while a woman is taking this potentially harmful medication.

There is strict monitoring for pregnancy during these treatments. Any female about to take Accutane must first take one, and in some cases two, pregnancy tests to ensure there is no possibility of a birth before going on this drug.

If a female patient is or might become sexually active during the course of treatment, she is required to:
  • use two different forms of birth control at least one month prior to treatment
  • throughout the entire course of treatment
  • and then for at least one month following the discontinuation of Accutane treatment

Regardless of sexual activity, female patients must take birth control pills for the duration of treatment. There are even strict policies that require a negative pregnancy test before a female patient can pick up her next month’s supply of Accutane at the pharmacy.

A formal consent form must be signed before initiating treatment with this drug. It mentions the obvious and most notable potential for severe birth defects and the patient’s agreement to take birth control for the duration of treatment. It also goes into great detail about depression and the possible signs of a depressive mental state while on Accutane.

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