Monday, April 13, 2015


UPDATE 4/2015:
Yonka has discontinued a few products over the years. Some I didnt care too much about; Phyto 54 is a product that I used a lot with many different, sometimes difficult skin conditions, and taking it out of the Yonka lineup is a big disappointment. 

Yonka’s Phyto 54—Rosemary cream for sensitivity and rednessis DISCONTINUED. 

Below I have included information on other Yonka products for redness and sensitivityproducts you may now want to try.

Phyto 54 contained rosemary (6% extract); rosemary helps with circulation, temporarily flushing stagnated blood from the capillaries. This helps alleviate redness and gives your skin an all-around fresh feeling. Phyto 54 was an alternative cream for red, rosacea, couperouse skin; skin that turns red easily (reactive) and may be hot to the touch. If you had good results with Phyto 54, you might try:
  • CREME 11 (discontinued 2/2018)
This is another anti-redness moisturizer and is a cream that in the past I recommended in conjunction with Phyto 54. Although Creme 11 contains very little rosemary (its listed at the very bottom of the ingredient list), it still does a wonderful job in helping to diffuse redness for even the most sensitive skins. When someone comes for a facial who has really sensitive skin, it is Creme 11 I turn to for its calming and anti-redness abilities. (Because of the small amount of rosemary in this product, Creme 11 does not have the rosemary aromatic of the moisturizers listed below.)
  • PHYTO 52
This moisturizer has the highest concentration of rosemary at 10%. Phyto 52 is a lovely rosemary cream alternative for 54 users and is very popular with my clients. You can read all about it through the link below.
  • The PHYTO 58 creams (PS or PNG)  
With rosemary percentages of 3% for PS (normal to dry skin) and 7.5% for PNG (normal to oily skin), one of these creams may be just the substitute youre looking for.

Here are the articles for each of the alternate creams:
If you have true-dry (oil-dry) skin, and especially in the colder, winter months, you may feel the need to apply a second, more hydrating cream over Phyto 52 (or 58 PS). This is totally acceptable. Another option is to apply Optimizer Serum under your Phyto cream or any other moisturizing cream you are using. Optimizer Serum super-hydrates the skin without adding oil. To read more about this wonderful hydrating booster, see: