Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Skin care is not rocket science—Back to The Basics

Skin care is not rocket science. How our skin functions and how to take care of it is pretty basic. If you look back at history, the successful diets, exercise programs, and skin care regimes all reflect this concept of simplicity. Jack LaLanne’s TV workout programs, dating back to the 1950s, are chock-full of simple tips and advice. Most of the diet programs today are simply taking us back to an “old” way of eating; making sure we get our fruits and vegetables, not taking in too much refined foods and sugar, and getting adequate protein. That’s pretty simple, right? And so, too, I am striving to get all of you to adhere to a simple program for your skin that I call The Basics: Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing every day plus weekly exfoliation and clay masking (The Extras) along with monthly facials if possible. What’s complicated about that?

I am 45 years old and have been blessed with extraordinary clear skin. Except for it being very sensitive to fragrance, I never have a problem. Everyone has always commented on how flawless and young my skin looks. I purchased your book [Timeless Skin] because I thought that someday my “luck” would run out, and I wanted to prepare to maintain the healthy glow and clarity of my skin.
The main thing I would stress is this: Don’t ruin a good thing—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And certainly, don’t go changing to try to please anybody. I think if we don’t have problems and we have idle time, maybe we start focusing on problems that don’t exist. If you have flawless, no-problem skin, congratulations! You are the envy of most people in the world. You probably are blessed with good genes and perhaps common sense as well. Because you don’t have problems, you don’t require a lot from your products—at least not as much as a person with problem skin does.

The daily routine for everyone is The Basics 1-2-3: Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Eye cream and sunscreen are included in your basic daily habits. Don’t forget to stay out of direct sunlight, even though you are wearing sunscreen. Drinking water, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and not too much of the bad stuff or anything in excess (even the good things) will go a long way to keeping you looking and feeling your best.

Understanding how the skin functions and why you need to use certain products should arm you with enough information to help you make wise decisions. It’s really very basic—like life. And don’t we really know in our hearts what works and what is just a fantasy? Common sense, to me, is the ability to discern the difference between the two. Left at the cosmetic counter unarmed, you may make costly mistakes, which can lead you down the path of skin care confusion. If that happens, look through Timeless Skin, Skin Care A to Z, and/or this blogsite, and remind yourself that taking care of your face is actually a simple procedure.

Fall back on your Basics 1-2-3 Program plus The Extras. Remember that you are in control of your daily skin care routine. Even taxed with a newborn or a hectic work schedule, realistically you can probably find two or three minutes a day to do your morning and evening routine. It doesn’t have to take longer than that to take basic care of your skin.

Helpful Hint. Let it be known (to your husband, wife, other family members, or close friends) that getting a gift certificate for a facial would be a big hit with you. I have heard from many family members of clients who contacted me to have a gift certificate sent to their loved one, my client. Giving the gift of a facial (or massage) is a wonderful thing and a great gift idea.

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