Saturday, September 19, 2020

“Is Dr. Bronner soap OK to use on my body?”

I know you say not to use products that aren’t pH balanced on my face. But what about my body? I love Dr. Bronner’s lavender/castile soap but didn’t know if I should continue using it.

Yes, its OK to use Dr. Bronner products on your body. I have used their (liquid) peppermint soap for decades as my body cleanser. Just know all of their soaps are not pH balancedthey are all alkaline products; I tested them years ago and Im sure nothing has changed. That means this soap can be more drying than an acidic (on the pH scale) soap would be. For me, I love Dr. Bronner productsespecially the wonderful peppermint aromaticand because I always use lotion on my entire body after a bath or shower, the moisture gets put back that is lost using an alkaline product.

I do not recommend using these products on your face. Not the bar soaps or their liquid soaps. I’ve said many times that I am meticulous when it comes to what I use on my face. With my body I am a lot more lax as far as what I use. I tend to go less expensive with body products and, as in this case with non-pH balanced Dr. Bronner soaps, I use what I like and make sure I compensate for the alkalinity.

If you try just once to wash your face with your favorite Dr. Bronner lavender soap, I know for a fact you will never do that again! Your skin will feel so dried out and dehydrated—especially since you’ve been using high-quality, pH balanced products (Yonka) on your skin for so many years.

I have written several articles about how to test the pH of your products, whether face or body, and I highly recommend you take a look and see how to do this simple step. Then there will never be a question of whether or not a product you are using is right for your (facial) skin or not—in other words: is it pH balanced or alkaline. A very important distinction.