Sunday, July 5, 2020

A Body Hydration Quick Tip for Bathtime

Using an oil in the bathtub to hydrate dry, flaky skin on your body solves two things at one time. First, taking a bath is relaxing and, even if you have a hectic family life, you can breakaway into the bathroom—alone—taking a nice bath for a little while and let the world go on without you temporarily. The oil will help hydrate what might be dry and dehydrated skin on your body while you relax in the tub.

If you don’t have any bath oil, you can use a body oil in the tub. Just pore a small amount into the bath (a little goes a long way), hop in, and soak it up. You can also use baby oil or even an oil from your kitchen. Remember, oil is lighter than water so it will float on the surface of the bath water. Also keep in mind that whatever the oil that you’re using smells like is what will stay on your body long after the bath.

Be sure to smooth the oil on your body while in the bath—getting it on all your dry spots. If you are experiencing really dry, flaky skin on your body, this is sure to do the trick in hydrating all the dry skin.
Most importantly: you have oil on your body and possibly on the bottoms of your feet so please be careful when stepping out of the tub. Because of the slip factor, I highly recommend not putting any oil intentionally on the bottoms of your feet. Still, some oil may find its way there—so be careful exiting your tub.

When getting out of your bath, I wouldn’t rub a bath towel on your skin; instead I’d recommend simply patting dry any remaining water. If you rub, you will remove much of the oil you just got on your dry skin. If you find you have a lot of oil still on your skin, then get off what feels comfortable and massage the rest in with your hands, as if you were applying body moisturizer.

Using oil in the tub can really help, especially in the colder winter months, to keep the skin on your body free from flakes and cracking and feeling wonderfully hydrated and soft.

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