Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sodas, sugar, your skin & breakouts

Soda, pop, soda pop, or Coke®—no matter what you call them, these drinks are simply infusing your body with a lot of health-reducing ingredients every time you drink one.

Did you know that when you drink a 20 ounce soda, you may be getting as many as 16 teaspoons of sugar? Let me repeat that: sixteen teaspoons! Why not just take 16 teaspoons of sugar and add them to a glass of water? Of course you would never drink a glass of water with that much added sugar, yet that is exactly what you are doing when you drink sodas. Plus you get the added “benefit” of a bunch of chemicals that may or may not be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

If I drank just one soda per day, by the end of only one week I would have numerous little blemishes on my face. If I continued for one more week, those spots would become larger and more widespread. Finally, after just a few weeks of consuming only one soda per day, I would have a big skin problem on my hands. That’s because I am sensitive to sugar. Are you?

What else is in a soda? Basically water and chemicals—that’s about it. And if your sodas have sugar in them, with or without caffeine, no wonder you’re having problems with your skin! But you say you drink the sugar-free, caffeine-free kind. Still, and maybe even worse, you are getting nothing but chemicals and water. You don’t get any points for drinking sugar-free. 

Did you know that carbonated beverages can make digestion more difficult? Carbonation can neutralize the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, along with destroying enzymes, greatly inhibiting digestion—if you drink it while eating a meal. Add to that sugar, caffeine, sugar substitutes like saccharine or NutraSweet, and you would be much better off eliminating these from your diet.

I grew up on pop. As an adult, long after I had given up sodas, I came to find out that the brand I drank most often back then, Mountain Dew, has one of the highest caffeine and sugar contents, far above other brands. No wonder I was so wired as a kid! In the 60s and 70s no one gave a thought to what we were drinking. Have things really changed that much?
If you want to eliminate these bad boys from your life, begin drinking soda substitutes. Do this to try to end your consumption of these beverages that are ladened with sugar (or carcinogenic sugar substitutes) and caffeine. My favorite soda substitute is an ice cold Perrier (or any other bubbly mineral water) with fresh lemon or lime juice squeezed in. The citrus adds a little sweet and zesty flavor to the fizzy water. You can also purchase lemon or lime flavored fizzy water so you don’t have to have fruit on hand. Or you could drink iced tea made from non-caffeinated herbal teas—but without adding sugar to it, of course!

Watch your soda intake. These products are not good for your body and can create a dependence on caffeine and sugar (both are physically addictive substances) to say the least. Reach for a healthier alternative, and if you find it hard to cut out soda pop completely, first try cutting the number you drink in half. Once you have gotten used to that amount, try to cut the number in half again. Hopefully, then, you will be consuming one of these beverages only on occasion. Your body, and your skin specifically, will be better off for your efforts.