Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Yonka moves to airless jar technology for their newer skin care creams

I have gone on several diatribes about many of the changes Yonka-Paris has gone through in the 30-plus years I have used this product line. Today I feel moved to rant a little bit about Yonka joining many skin care companies who are putting their moisturizing creams in what are called “airless jars.”

For many product lines I believe this is a vast improvement. When you open a jar of cream, you expose all of the contents to bacteria in the air plus you most likely stick your (possibly not completely sanitary) fingers in the jar to retrieve the cream, which then goes on your face. With airless technology you usually press down on the top of the jar or container and a predetermined amount of cream pops up. You simply wipe it off the jar and onto your face. Kind of nifty unless 1) you prefer tubes (that’s me) and 2) the prearranged amount of product just isn’t right for you.
If Yonka was changing from the use of completely open jars to airless jars I’d be all in favor of it. But this is not the case. One of the things I love (love!) about Yonka products, should I now say loved, is they always came in tubes.
  • Tubes can stand on end so all of the cream eventually goes to the top (exit area) and you can get practically every last drop of product*
  • Tubes stand up in the medicine cabinet (or wherever you put your skin care products) and take up less room
  • And to me, tubes look sleeker and more streamlined than clunky jars that are wide and not as easily held as a tube

My question Why use jars? is rhetorical, really. I get why the Multaler family is going toward airless jars, and I will say it does make sense when it comes to being innovative and searching for the newest technology, but I still don’t like it. As far as being forward thinking and on the leading edge, these airless jars are there. Still and allI prefer tubes. I like dolling out the amount of product I want vs. being given a prearranged amount that comes when you press the jar. Maybe I want just a little bit moreor a little less. You can’t do that with the newfangled jars.

As far as getting all the cream out of the jar, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I haven’t yet finished a Yonka cream in an airless, self-dispensing jarbut I will and I’ll let you know how much product is left, ungettable, in the (presumably) bottom of the jar. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised on that level at least and will find that all of the cream was pumped out till the bitter end. Time will tell. Until then, I can only hope that all of the “old” creams in the Yonka line remain in tube—forever! 

Yonka products (so far) in airless jars:

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