Saturday, July 25, 2020

Do NOT do this to your blackheads!!!

I was doing some research online and came across these photos of a young lady having a DYI spa day at home. I will make this short and to the point: Do not under any circumstances use Elmer’s or any other type of glue on your blackheads!!!!Please!

I get itI think. The glue will stick to the debris in your pores and will therefore pull it out. However when it comes to using things like this: please just use a product manufactured to do the job of removing blackheads vs. a multi-purpose glue [that] bonds strongly to a variety of different materials, including paper, ceramics, leather, fabric, wood, and more.

Looking at all the DYI “using Elmer’s Glue to remove blackheads” posts on the Internet, I can just imagine someone contacting me because they have developed a severe skin sensitivity after using this method. If you have any type of sensitive skin, applying glue to it might be a disaster waiting to happen. And if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s still a dumb thing to do. I’m sure some people might find this blackhead removal procedure intriguing, but coming from a professional in the skin care industry—just don’t do it!  
Elmer’s glue is FDA approved but not as a skin care ingredient. The ingredients in glue have not been tested for skin sensitivities to say nothing about preservatives in glue that simply aren’t meant for epidermal application. Glue hasn’t been tested for skin because it is not meant for skin! The only bright point here is glue is generally “non-toxic” in case a child tries to eat it, for instance; still it is simply not meant to be spread on your skin.

I understand the fun of experimenting with glue on your blackheads and perhaps the excitement of peeling the dried adhesive off your skin, but please—please—reach for a high quality clay-based mask next time you want to really “get rid” of your blackheads. As you will read in the article below, at best your blackheads are just temporarily removed no matter what you use. However using a clay mask on a regular basis can help to keep your pores cleaned out and that helps to keep enlarged pores to a minimum down the line.

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