Friday, July 17, 2020

More new products from Yonka-Paris: TIME RESIST Day & Night Creams

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, having worked with Yonka for over 30 years, the first 20 had very few changes. The past 5 years or so have seen so many changes it’s hard to keep up. Changes changes changes. If all or most of the changes were things I agreed with (be it naming products or changing formulations) I’d be all for itof course! But so many of these changes have been things I do not love.
“Time-Resist” products are one of the changes I don’t fully agree with. Silly as it may sound, I wish this new line of Yonka products was called “acceptance.” Why? When you resist something, it generally doesn’t go away; when you accept something, you can usually go on with your life without that resistant roadblock. With acceptance you are putting far less energy into a thing than if you put up resistance. Here the “thing” is aging.

I’m 59 years old. Although I am retired from giving facials now, I took care of people’s skin with exceptional care for over 33 years as a working aesthetician (and my own skin for even longer). I have written in my books and here on this blog about how I believe accepting the aging process, this inevitable process, is essential to creating a smooth road to travel as we all are getting older.

With these new Yonka products, it might just be a matter of semantics, but I still don’t like the name “Time-Resist.” I only hope I like the formulations and the products themselves. Then all else can be forgiven.

The two new Time Resist creams are in jars. The use of jars is a change that Yonka seems to be going toward more and more. Many of their new moisturizers are in jars; I happen to love tubes. I like being able to dispense the amount of cream I want to use from a tube vs. being subject to a pre-arranged amount that now comes out in these airless jars. (See link below for more information about this new airless jar technology.)

This post is basically an overview of these two new creams. For more specifics about each one, see their individual links listed below. The Stimulastine products (Jour & Nuit) were discontinued in 2016. These two Time Resist products are basically their improved (and more expensive) replacements.

All of the following in italics is information about these new cremes from Yonka headquarters:

Aging is a part of the natural life cycle, which is predetermined at birth. Aging skin reveals the effects of time passing and the skin can thin, wrinkle, and loose its density and radiance. External factors (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) speed up these phenomena.

[As I have written in both the separate Time Resist Jour/Nuit articles: I don’t agree that your personal aging process is “predetermined at birth.” I don’t think or I certainly hope this isn’t what Yonka means since everything you do in your life affects how your skin ages. Genetics do plan a big role, of course, but for all the reasons we know many things (sun, food, indulgences, stress) play an even bigger role in how we will age.]

If you loved Stimulastine, then youll love the TIME RESIST duo which is a precious ally for your skin. TIME RESIST provides your skin with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of these external factors, controlling the visible signs of aging.

At the heart of these velvety and hydrating formulas is an all-new synergy that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflammaging Youth Energy lipoaminoacid to uphold your skins youth. Protected throughout the entire day, technologically advanced microspheres enriched with hyaluronic acid visibly smooth wrinkles and give the skin more bounce. At night, the Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts replenish and revitalize your skin so it appears firm and fresh upon wakening. 

In time wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin is plumped, signs of tiredness are diminished, and your complexion is much brighter.

Discover a new application gesture with the touch & slide airless jar. It delivers the right dose of cream by pressing down once on the cap. This economic innovation is safe and maintains the beautiful aromatic pleasures of Yon-Ka products.

TIME RESIST Targets Dermal Stem Cells
Stem cells are essential for preserving young and beautiful skin. Yon-Ka revolutionized this approach by taking an interest in dermal skin cells hidden away in the deep dermal layers of the skin. Still unknown to us a few years ago, they are at the core of the skin’s firmness and elastic properties.

Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, the mountain’s secret to young skin
Yon-Ka found a revolutionary way to preserve dermal stem cell activity by boosting them with plant-based stem cells of Saponaria pumila. 
This mountainous plant survived through the ice age by developing incredible protective and repairing abilities. Yon-Ka showcases its powerful survival potential to help preserve dermal skin cells.

TIME RESIST Fights Against Inflamm’aging
As the contraction of inflammation and aging, Inflamm’aging is a phenomenon that affects all humans. With age, chronic and silent reactions spread through skin tissues and weaken the cells’ defense systems.

Youth Energy, Yon-Ka’s serenity molecule
Yon-Ka based its work on a biotechnological active ingredient that mimics the PalGly molecule–known as the serenity molecule, naturally present in our bodies and presenting anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. Youth EnErgY is a lipoaminoacid that shows excellent affinity with the skin. When integrated into the TIME RESIST formula, this new active ingredient provided skin with the biological secrets for harmonious longevity.

Innovative Results

After 28 days of using the TIME RESIST creams, skin is smoother, firmer, more supple and elastic.

  • Reduced wrinkles: -75%*
  • 100%** of women found their skin to be more beautiful***

*CLINICAL TEST—Dermatological evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 20 women aged 40 to 55 for 4 weeks (best results)

**CONSUMER TEST—Self-evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 45 women aged 35 to 55 for 4 weeks.

***This is where Yonka absolutely loses me. “Self-evaluation” is a ridiculous “test result” to include in any information regarding this or any productin my opinion. In the past, when I’ve listened to these “results” in the seminars on new products, it was all I could do to not speak up (which I did) and exclaim my strong disagreement with these evaluations. “100% of women found their skin to be more beautiful.” I meanis that a real “innovative result” of this product—self evaluation?

When I first ever saw Yonka and the back-then Yonka product manuals, they were like looking through deeply involved scientific chemistry books. I was amazed, intrigued, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with everything Yonka-Paris. If I saw the professional information on this line as it is presented now, I wouldn’t be so impressed. It resembles all the multitudes of information on just about all other product lines. Gone is the technical approach that I so loved over 3 decades ago. Oh, well, I guess this is progress. And if these products work as well on your skin as they appear to on paper, I’m all for that, test “results” or not!