Monday, July 13, 2020

Yonka’s SENSITIVE CREME ANTI-RED—soothing corrective anti-redness cream

Although I was so disappointed Yonka discontinued Creme 11, a great moisturizer for sensitive skin, I am excited to see they have also come out with several new sensitive skin creams, including this one specifically for anti-redness. Although headquarters says that Sensitive Masque is the replacement for Creme 11, it seems to me that this cream as well will be a good alternative to those who have sensitive, perhaps red skin.

This is one of those product names that I think is unfortunate. Maybe its because Yonka is a French line and some of the titles dont translate well into English. But to call this Sensitive Creme Anti-Red is counterintuitive so from here on out I will call it Sensitive Anti-Redness Creme. Small difference perhaps, but it rolls off the tongue a bit easier. With that said, my hope is this cream does all it says it will. With so many people with red, sensitive skin, a wonderful Yonka cream could be just to the ticket to healthier, less visibly red skin.

From Yonka headquarters: 
Sensitive Creme Anti-Red is a cream designed to immediately reduce redness in reactive skin types and has both short- and long-term benefits to treat and improve the skins coloring. This advanced formula contains natural green pigments that instantly hide visible redness and also vaso-constricts to decrease inflammation. Potent plant botanicals of centella asiatica and Marvel of Peru work in synergy to visibly reduce the appearance of capillaries and decrease the skins redness and reactivity. Used daily, this anti-redness creme will impart immediate benefits on redness, -31% after one month*.

Due to [aforementioned] color correcting green pigments, Anti-Red has an immediate effect in reducing redness in most sensitive skin typesReactive skin with broken capillaries is visibly reduced while inflammation is soothed and calmed. For all sensitive, irritated skin conditions, including rosacea, this innovative product will help reduce inflammation and vascular dilation [common with couperouse skin]. Sensitive Anti-Red Creme does not contain any essential oils.
*I dont know what this means or how this information was obtained, but Yonkas products are effective and I will leave it at that.

Essential ingredients:
  • Natural green pigmentscorrect redness in complexion
  • Centella asiatica, mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru)corrects redness (anti-redness) and soothes
  • Olive phytosqulene, polysaccharides, vegetable glycerindeeply hydrating, soothing
  • Bisabololsoothes and repairs
Directions for use:

In the morning and/or evening:

  • After cleaning and spraying on your favorite Yonka toner
  • Apply SENSITIVE CREME ANTI-RED to your face and neck
  • Then use your eye treatment cream

It is possible you will only want to use this cream during the day to “hide” your redness. However, based on what headquarters recommends, you certainly can use at night as well and perhaps this will bring the “long-term” results Yonka states above.

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