Saturday, July 11, 2020

Product talk with a new client: Helping her with Yonka specifically and her routine in general

My acupuncturist speaks very highly of you and Yonka products. She recommended I email you regarding a new skin care regime for my skin. I have dry skin that is prone to blemishes. I was taking Spironolactone* because my skin had really gotten out of control. My dermatologist said it was hormones and the only solid way for clear skin was to block those hormones. The Rx has run out and I haven't gone back for a renewal. Im interested in a new option and would love to hear from you.
*From Google: Spironolactone is a medication that contains anti-androgen activity. Androgens are male sex hormones, like testosterone. As anti-androgens block the effects of excess male hormones, Spironolactone is often prescribed to sufferers struggling with acne.

First of all, your dermatologist is right: skin issues are hormone driven. Period. Stress can affect your hormones, sugar consumption can affect your hormones, deepening on your age, perimenopause or menopause affects hormone levels. Many things affect your hormones, but it is hormones that cause breakouts. Because that medication is blocking androgen hormones I would truly love for you to find an alternate way to help your breakout and not continue to block anything—hormones or whatever.

It would be helpful for me to know a bit more about you and your skin: What products do you currently use (and what are their functions? ie: cleanser, toner, etc)? To shorten this article, I have included this client’s answers right after my questions.
  1. These are the products I currently use: Cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types; CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion PM (I use this morning and night); Revitalift intensive overnight mask (I always use at night and sometimes in morning if my skin looks or feels dry; CeraVe Skin renewing Night Cream for extra moisture (sometimes); Revitalization eye cream or CeraVe eye repair creamArnica gel on inflamed spots; Clearasil Rapid action treatment cream for blemishes; Bobbi Brown eye make remover (when needed); Tretinoin cream for blocked pores and ’11’ wrinkles between eyes
  2. Your age 43
  3. Have you had facials and if so, what did the aesthetician(s) say? I have never had a professional facial! Huh, never realized that.
  4. Do you pick at your skin? If a blemish has a head I will relieve the pressure but I dont pick at my skin. 
  5. How much sugar do you eat (honestly) in a day? Raw sugar in take: 4-6 tablespoons with 24 oz of coffee; maybe a cookie (regular size, not the kind as big as your head); I dont drink sodas but I do drink sweet tea made with Splenda (I dont drink that very often, maybe 1-2 times per week). Of course, the holidays make sweets readily available—Ill watch my diet more closely and see what I come up with.

Yonka products can definitely help you. However, problems come from the inside. That is just something basic you really need to understand so you dont look to the outside product world to “heal” your skin issues. AndI know I can help you!

Over the years I've used many products from department store to drugstore. My dermatologist stated the higher priced cleansers arent any different then the drugstore products. At times I believe this and at times I dont. All purchases can be emotionally supported and driven. Ive started using essential oils and Im enjoying them a lot. The main factor is their scents, which is very important to me. Ive been reading your blog and am interested in the dry vs dehydrated debate because I think I am both! 

Right off the bat4 tablespoons of sugar every day is a lot if you’re sensitive to sugar! Have you read any of my articles on sugar and skin care? If not, you might glean some important information from them. This one is an eye-opener: Sugar in your precious Frappuccinos!

Ive realized it was 3T with 24 oz of coffee, not 4-6T. However this morning I had 1.5 teaspoon per 8 oz cup and feel like that is change with no real effort. So, yay on that one! Cant wait to hear your skin care recommendations. Many thanks!

OK, still3T daily is a lot of sugar if you are sensitive to it. And I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you are! Good for you for lessening without hesitation your intake. Keep that up and see how it goes. Taste-wise, at some point, your sipping experience won’t be satisfying, but if you go slowly it just might work.

When it comes to products, I think Cetaphil is fine to cleanse with. See link below. For a topical blemish treatment, I would start using lavender essential oil on your inflamed spots vs. arnica. Arnica isn’t bad, just not as effective and not an antibacterial like essential oils are.

The creams you’re using are typical for what is available in the retail market. Here are the Yonka products I recommend. Click on the name to go to that product’s blog. I’ve also included a few other articles about the products you may find interesting and/or helpful:
  • Is Cetaphil OK to use as my facial cleanser?
  • Lotion PNG—use this AM/PM. I would start with this “normal to oily” product vs. the other toner for “dry” (oil-dry) skin. As you are working on lessening blemishes, I feel the dry skin toner might cause problems—for now    
  • Yonka toners: Which one should I use? 
  • Creme 15—for now, use in AM & PM. I would get through at least one tube of this cream. Using it morning and night it’ll probably take about 2 months. If your skin is significantly better before that and you feel like using a different cream(s), I’ll recommend something else that may have a little more moisture for your 40+ skin. 
  • I highly recommend Hydra+ (formerly called Hydralia) if you feel you need more moisture/hydration. Due to your comments, I think you’ll need this product.
  • Is your face in need of extra hydration? Try Yonka’s Hydralia or Advanced Optimizer Serum
  • Juvenil is another blemish control product, but since you love essential oils and I have recommended lavender essential oil for a topical treatment for your places, I’ll just leave you the information that’s in the article linked here so you’ll have another product in your arsenal.

I would start there and see how things go after a few weeks. Really, your skin should reflect better health immediately, but I would use the products for a few weeks before making a determination on their effectiveness.

For more information, see: