Friday, July 17, 2020

Excellence Code Masque: mask or moisturizer?

I am not a huge fan of using moisturizing masks. First, I think it’s a waste of product—especially an expensive product like Excellence Code Mask. Second, if your skin feels like it needs extra moisture, you are most likely dehydrated and the best and most effective solution for that is exfoliation. There is no better exfoliatior than Yonka’s Gommage. It is hands down the best way to get rid of dead skin on the surface of your face.

If your skin is dehydrated, it has too many dead cells built up on the surface. To then simply put a thick moisturizer (aka moisturizing mask) on all of that dead skin, it is an ineffective way to hydrate the surface. Exfoliateget rid of some of that buildup then add moisture to your face.

Because I simply can’t apply a product with wonderful ingredients, leave for 15 minutes, then remove (unless the mask you are using is clay-basedsomething you wouldn’t leave on much longer than that), I decided to try this mask as a nighttime moisturizer. And not “in a thin layer” as recommended below. I used Excellence Code Masque as my moisturizer at night for one week. The results: Wowthis is a great cream! And yet another “mask” that I will recommend as a regular moisturizer.

Another way to use this mask is to apply a thin layer under your regular moisturizer to give your skin that extra hydration boost it may need. There are several Yonka products made for this very purpose, but if you already have the Code mask, you could try this as another way to utilize its wonderful hydrating abilities.

As you can see by the ingredients, Excellence Code Masque has a lot of bells and whistles—truly wonderful and advanced anti-aging components. It feels great going on and has a lovely aromatic (aka: it smells good!). My skin was not only more than sufficiently hydrated but it did take on a certain “glow”what I would prefer calling a healthy look and feel.

Caution: if you do not have true-dry (oil-dry) skin, this “cream” is probably going to be too much for you. This particular maskused as a moisturizerreally does require a dry skin type (not simply dehydration).

Some of you may love using moisture masks to hydrate your skin. Used as a mask, Excellence Code Masque will probably be fine for all skin types; be sure to monitor your skin with this or any new product you’re using. It is a wonderful hydrating product, no matter my preference for its use. TRY IT—you will love it!

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