Thursday, January 15, 2015

Yonka’s MASQUE N°1—it’s not a mask, it’s the Best Moisturizer—ever! DISCONTINUED/Rebranded

UPDATE 2018:
Although this cream, or at least the name of this cream, has been discontinued, Yonka swears its successor is actually the same cream with a different name: Hydra Nº1 Masque. I have written an article about this new cream, link below, but I didnt want to delete this post altogether. So read on to see why I love this cream: Masque Nº1. 

I have several favorite products in the Yonka-Paris skin care line. Introducing: MASQUE N°1 (going forward, Ill call it Mask 1”) definitely one of my all-time favorites. If youve read any of my other posts describing Yonka products and directions for use, you know that Gommage and Optimizer Serum are my other two favorites. So there it is, my three favorite Yonka products. I love many others in the line, but these 3 top the list—absolutely.

Mask 1 was introduced around 2007. It was never meant to be a mask, per se. It isnt even listed in the “mask” section of Yonkas price and product list. Why they made the decision to use the word masque in its title, I have no idea. I do, however, think that was a big mistake. Unless you take the time to read up on this product and only go by its name, you will never have the opportunity to use it as it was intended: as one of the most wonderful hydrating creams ever made.

From Yonka headquarters: This gel-cream moisturizer with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours. Intensely relaxed, the skin immediately appears smoother, softer, and plumper.

Im not sure about the claims Yonka makes in terms of the above information given for Mask 1. I am not disagreeing with the results, which are wonderful, rather with the % claims and their scientific findings; Im unsure how the tests were given to find those numbers. However, the results are clear with the experience of much better hydration, whether 96% after 8 hours or not. The hydrating quality of this moisturizer cannot be disputed.

Essential ingredients:
  • Imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, PCA, plant glycerinhydrating 
  • Silicon derivativeregenerating 
  • Vitamin Aregenerating
  • Jojoba, sandalwood, phellodendron, barleyanti-dehydrating, repairing
  • Bacopa monnieraantioxidant
  • Vitamins C and Eantioxidants
  • Bisabolol, vitamin B5soothing
  • Essential oils of rose, jasmine, shiurelaxing
Directions for use:
In the morning and/or evening:
  • Cleanse then pat skin dry
  • Spray on Yonka Lotion toner
  • Apply MASQUE N°1 to your face and neck
  • Use your favorite Yonka eye treatment
I currently use Mask 1 day and night. In the summer months, I will use another Yonka moisturizer during the day (and sometimes at night, too) because I dont need the deep hydration Mask 1 gives me when its really hot outside. I do sometimes reach for it, even in the warmer months, if my skin feels like it needs extra moisture. Your skin will always give you signs and signals as to what it needs. Your job is to learn its language and apply (or remove) accordingly.

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