Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another donation of hair for charity

Well, I’m at it again! I just cut my hair and will be donating it for wig-making. I don’t have 10" this time, so I won’t be able to donate to Locks of Love, who require 10 or more inches. *Pantene’s Give Beautiful Lengths is another option, although they want hair with no more than 5% gray—I don’t think I meet that requirement! CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) requires only 8" as the minimum length, and they don’t care about gray—so this is where I will send my hair donation.

My plan was to grow my hair out after the first donation several years ago then cut and donate again. Sometimes the best-laid plans don’t happen or take a bit longer than expected. But I’m on board now and am grateful for my healthy hair being able to help one or more people out (kids, in this case) with their hair-loss issues.
Click on any of the organizations listed below to be taken to their perspective websites. Information on donating is there along with any and all requirements. In some cases it doesn’t matter if your hair has been dyed—or is gray—so don’t let anything stop you if you want to donate.
Jax seems to like the new haircut

Quincy doesn’t seem to care

THANK YOU Theresa (former owner) @ Treehouse Hair Spa for helping make this donation possible!

For more information, see: