Thursday, January 29, 2015

Constipation anyone?

We freely and easily talk about what we’re putting into our bodies, but rarely if ever do we discuss elimination. However you want to portray the event, proper elimination is essential to a healthy body and, therefore, healthy skin.

All of your eliminating organs need to be functioning optimally for the toxins in your body to be dealt with and removed. If your colon is sluggish, sooner or later there will be trouble. Have you ever forgotten to take out your kitchen garbage? You can smell the gases and toxins building up inside the plastic. Your colon goes through a similar process when you are constipated. Like the garbage, food that is stuck in your colon will ferment and cause noxious gases to form. These gases keep building up until the waste is removed. In the meantime, the toxins can be reabsorbed into your system and released through your skin (the largest organ of elimination).

This is actually a good book
So what’s the solution? There are several answers to this question. The first thing I recommend is to read about colon health so you will have a better understanding of this barely talked about but vital process. There is, of course, a lot of information on the Internet and books, too. I have written an article on triphala (see below), which will give you some helpful information on a supplement you can take to promote colon health.

Water. Water. Water. One reason your bowels aren’t moving might be because your large intestine has become dehydrated. Your body requires adequate amounts of water in order to pass waste through the length of your intestines. The best way to get water into your system is to drink water. Anytime I have clients who complain of constipation, I instruct them to start drinking more water. Water is essential in helping to relieve constipation.

Chlorophyll is another key ingredient when it comes to colon health. If a client comes to me with a lot of blemishes, I inquire about the possibility of constipation. The colon contains a lot of toxins that can get reabsorbed into the bloodstream and come out of your skin as breakout. Chlorophyll helps to loosen hardened matter off the colon wall and gets debris moving through the intestines. Taking chlorophyll is an excellent way to get things cleared out of your colon, and therefore, your skin. Chlorophyll is a liquid supplement that is mixed into a glass of water. It can be found at better health food stores like Whole Foods.

Eating high-quality foods for colon health goes without sayingI hope. Poor-quality foods (fast-foods, for instance) and low water-content foods (basically anything that isn’t a fruit or vegetable) take a lot of water to digest. Fruits and vegetables not only contain a lot of water but are also good sources of vitamins and minerals.

Exercise is another key to healthy bowel movements. Peristalsis (the muscular contractions that occur in your large intestine to move waste toward its final destination) is stimulated with exercise. Aside from toning your legs and other muscles, exercise (even simply walking) helps to tone your inner organs as well, which includes your colon. Walking is one of the best and easiest ways to tone your body and help alleviate constipation.

If you are constipated, start walking, drink more water, try taking chlorophyll or triphala, and eating high water-content foods (fruits and vegetables). See if these suggestions help to lessen your troubles. I bet they will!

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