Thursday, July 9, 2020

HYDRA Nº1 MASQUE (formerly Masque N°1—my FAVORITE Yonka product)

HYDRA Nº1 MASQUE is the replacement for my very favorite Yonka moisturizer, MASQUE Nº1. As many of you know, I love(d) Masque Nº1. For clients with true-dry skin, this was my go-to recommendation. And I used it myself with terrific hydrating results.
As per Yonkas corporate education department: The Parent Company did not announce any significant formula change to the Hydra Nº1 Masque and we can confirm that the ingredients are the same, with a few ingredients appearing in different order. The features, benefits, and actions on the skin remain unchanged, and both you and your clients can expect the same long-lasting results with Hydra Nº1 Masque. As a reminder slight color and texture variances are normal when formulating with natural ingredients.

To me, these creams seem different vs. what Yonka says abovethat the ingredients are the same. The two products have very different aromatics. I actually love Hydra Nº1 Masques jasmine scent. Masque Nº1 has a somewhat similar aroma but it is not at all as distinct and powerful as Hydra Masque. And since they said there was only a shift in order of certain ingredients, I just had to see for myself!

After looking at every single ingredient (and there are many) these two creams are virtually the same. For me, they have different aromatics, but I do love them both (even if I’ll always love Masque 1 just a bit more).

With all the changes Yonka has brought to all of us aestheticians and sales people, and also users of their products, I do think I can live with this one. Some of the other cream replacements arent so identical so I consider myself lucky since I have loved and used Masque 1 since it came out years ago and really wasnt up for making a big change with my personal skin care. And I feel confident recommending Hydra Masque to those who have used Masque 1. Whew!

From Yonka headquarters:
Savor the intense, time-releasing hydration of this bestselling mask with anti-aging effects. Infused with imperata cylindrica grass, aloe vera, and rose, jasmine, and shiu essential oils, this natural bouquet imparts both immediate and long-lasting hydration. With a gel-cream texture and a beautiful floral scent, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and soothes all types of damaged skin. This weekly hydrating cream mask* is great for use during travel and may be left on overnight for a powerfully curing treatment.
*As was true for Mask 1, this is best used as a daily moisturizer in my opinion. It is how Mask 1 was recommended and I follow that advice with this similar product. Using it as a mask is fine, but to me this makes for a wonderful daily hydrating product.

Essential ingredients:
  • Imperata cylindrica, aloe vera, PCA, plant glycerin—hydrating 
  • Silicon derivative—regenerating 
  • Vitamin A—regenerating
  • Jojoba, sandalwood, phellodendron, barley—anti-dehydrating, repairing
  • Bacopa monniera—antioxidant
  • Vitamins C and E—antioxidants
  • Bisabolol, vitamin B5—soothing
  • Essential oils of rose, jasmine, shiu—relaxing

Directions for use:
In the morning and/or evening:
  • Cleanse then pat skin dry
  • Spray on Yonka Lotion toner
  • Apply HYDRA Nº1 MASQUE to your face and neck
  • Use your favorite Yonka eye treatment

For an extra hydrating benefit, if you aren’t using this cream as your daily/nightly moisturizer but need some additional moisture in your skin, before hopping into bed apply a thin layer of Hydra Nº1 Masque over your cream (no matter your skin type) and allow it to sink in while you sleep. It will give intense hydration to even the most sensitive skins, and you’ll wake up with smoother, softer, fuller-looking skin.

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