Thursday, July 23, 2020

SENSITIVE MASQUE from Yonka-Paris (replaces Creme 11 moisturizing cream)

SENSITIVE MASQUE from Yonka-Paris is another unfortunate rebranding disaster from Yonka-Paris. There have been so many changes to this line in the past few years it is almost an entirely new product. I have used Yonka for my entire career—almost 33 years. It has only been in the past 10 years and more specifically the last 5 years that all of the changes have taken place.

The fiasco, in my humble opinion, is with this particular product (among others). Here is what I mean: Creme 11 was a wonderful anti-redness creme that enjoyed being in the Yonka lineup for over 3 decades. Because keeping older formulations is not in the Yonka playbook, Creme 11 was destined to leave. Why, I simply can’t understand!

The replacement recommendation for Creme 11 is this product: Sensitive Masque. Now, if the product works—great. But why oh why couldn’t they have called it something else. Or simply reformulated Creme 11 and kept the recognizable name? Yonka never asks me for my opinion and I never have any say so in their corporate decisions. Going from calling something you use daily from a cream to a mask I think is a huge marketing mistake. They also came out with Sensitive Creme and Sensitive Anti-Redness Creme—why did Creme 11 (an anti-redness cream) get stuck with the title mask?

I suppose I just need to get over it and hope Sensitive Masque works the same—perhaps better, if possible—as Creme 11. Fingers crossed! All of the new sensitive skin products came out just as I was closing up shop in Boulder. I did give retail sizes of this to several clients who were regular users of Creme 11.

One client who used and loved Creme 11 tried both Sensitive Creme as well as Creme 11’s replacement: Sensitive Masque. She wasn’t able to articulate why she liked the Creme better than the Masque, but she liked the way Sensitive Creme felt on her skin and that’s really all the information you need. If something feels good (or better than something else) you’ll use it easily.

Because Yonka recommends Sensitive Masque be used in place of Creme 11, I’d start there. If you can get samples of both Sensitive Anti-Redness Creme and Sensitive Creme, then you’ll be able to try all 3 sensitive skin products and can discern which one works the best for your sensitive skin.

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