Monday, August 17, 2020

Yonka-Paris SENSITIVE CREME (replaces Creme 83)—calming cream for sensitive skin

SENSITIVE CREME, calming cream for sensitive skin replaces the now discontinued Creme 83. Full disclosure: Creme 83 was not a favorite of mine to recommend to my clients with sensitive skin. The reason is because many of the clients I sampled this cream to just didn’t like it. The almost always loved Creme 11, which I would sample along with 83 to all those with sensitive skin. Creme 83 had a lovely lavender aromatic and contained the Yonka “Quintessence” (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—a combination of these 5 essential oils that are the foundation of this product line.

Creme 11, on the other hand, was a best seller for my sensitive skin clients. It contained no essential oils and had almost no scentsomething that is actually unusual for a Yonka product since this line is an “essential oil skin care line.” As you will read below, this new cream also has no essential oils and absolutely no scent, and I can attest to that since I have tried Sensitive Cream myself and experienced the no-scent aspect. So although as per Yonka headquarters Sensitive Creme replaces Creme 83, it may be more alike with Creme 11.

From Yonka headquarters: This innovating creme is an intensive calming treatment that will soothe and strengthen even the most sensitive of skin. This ultra-nourishing formula contains no irritating perfumes or essential oils and works to boost the skins natural defenses to help it combat internal and external aggressors. Using the new and an exclusive complex complete with sea mayweed, the skin is protected and less reactive. It is soothed immediately and feelings of discomfort vanish.

Sensitive Creme for calming sensitive skin is a calming, comforting moisturizer for all sensitive and reactive skin. It helps strengthens the skins protective barrier, soothing and helpful for uncomfortable, sensitive skin.

You should know, whether you like this feature or not, this new cream has absolutely no scent. None whatsoever. For those who love all the rich aromatics of Yonka products this probably won’t satisfy you. But if you are one of the people who love Yonka but dont love the strong scents—this might be the cream for you.
Essential ingredients:
  • Yacon root, lactobacillusboosts skins natural defense   
  • Sea mayweeddesensitizing
  • Shea Butter—nourishing, protective action
  • Bisabolol, vegetable glyceryn, olive phytosqualene, polysaccharides—hydrating, soothing

Directions for use:
In the morning:
  • After cleansing and spraying on Yonka Lotion toner
  • Apply a pea-sized dollop of SENSITIVE CREME over face and neck 
  • Then use eye cream

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