Friday, August 28, 2020

A client’s new rosacea diagnosis & product questions: Part 1

I need some advice from my favorite aesthetician! I just went to the doctor to verify and as I suspected, I do have rosacea. A better option than lupus, which is what popped up when I  googled butterfly rash but still not my favorite diagnosis!

Im getting more frequent flushing episodes and this past week when I came in from outside, my nose got BRIGHT redlike a bad sunburn. Then it spreads out a little onto my cheeks. 

Im still using the Yonka white lotion spray, Creme 15 and Gommage, although I don’t gommage as often as I should. Im good about sunscreen now, tho! Im supplementing with CeraVe facial moisturizer when I need a little moisture boost, which isnt often since Im still pretty greasy.

Other than my color issue, I think you would be pretty happy with how my skin looks. I havent given up coffee, but per your instructions I always have a glass of water before and after my coffee. I actually drink lots of water all day, and we are all are working on eating more veggies (plenty of fruit) and I almost never have Diet Coke.

So, before I see the people who like to write prescriptions (my doctor), I thought I would check in with you and see what you think about handling rosacea.

So sorry to hear about the rosacea diagnosis, but as you said, it could be worse. Now that you know what the redness is, you can start learning how to live with itThe following are all discussed in Skin Care A to Z, but Ill outline a few things here in a shortened version:
  • Rosacea is managed not cured. So although it could completely go away someday, chances are it won’t. However, right now you may be experiencing worse symptoms if it is just presenting itself. That is not uncommon. The more severe redness may calm down in the future, although you may be prone to the redness forevertime will tell.
  • Avoid extremes in temperature whenever you can. Obviously, you can’t not go outside on a cold or hot day, but you can use only tepid, room temperature water when you wash your face at the sink. In the shower, it’s a little harder. I personally don’t tell my clients to turn the water from hot to warm or cool, but you definitely don’t want to stick your face in the hot shower water, rosacea or not!
  • If its really cold (or hot) outside, you may experience that bright red nose you described. This might not be the case with more moderate outdoor climates. Any temperature extremes are going to make the rosacea flare up a bit. And in those cases there really isnt much you can do about it. 

  • When you go to your dermatologist, I would definitely ask for samples of topical rosacea ointments like Metrogel or Metrocream or whatever the latest and greatest thing is, and see if any one of these works for your rosacea. What works for others may not work for you; it truly will come down to trial and error. Rosacea is a very individual condition and therefore the treatment and products vary as to what works for one person or another.

Since entering menopause, I have what I call a “pre-rosacea” condition on my cheeks. I get very flushed there when I’m simply hot or in a hot bath. It’s not quite full-blown rosacea, but almost. Since I love hot baths, before I get in I put a thick layer of moisturizer on my cheeks where I tend to get red and flushed. This acts as a protective layer for my skin from the heat and therefore keeps my cheeks from flaring up. In the shower, sometimes I put clay mask on my cheeks instead of the cream, which can easily come off in the water stream. The cream is nice after the bath because I can just spread it on my face afterwards.

To me, its not about giving up coffee or wine or whatever dietary pleasures that may cause flareups; its knowing those things, your personal triggers, will cause you to get red. Sometimes you may decide to avoid certain foods or coffee in order to not look red, and other times you just may not care.

Yonka makes an anti-redness moisturizer: Creme 11*, that many clients who have rosacea and/or redness in their skin really find helpful. It doesnt get rid of redness per se, but it does help to calm the skin. Otherwise, Creme 15 is still a great cream for you. And if you use Gommage 303 right now, use it up and next time order Gommage 305*. Its better for redness and you may be sensitive to the citrus (orange, sweet lime, lemon) in 303 if you now have more redness.
*Creme 11 was rebranded (disastrously, IMHO) and is now called Sensitive Masque.
*Gommage 303 is discontinued and Gommage 305 has been renamed Gommage Yonka.

Rosacea certainly isn’t fun but it’s also not life-threatening. It can be frustrating as well as inconvenient, but hopefully if you stay away from your triggers to the degree that still makes for a happy life, you can manage this condition and perhaps one day it will just disappear.

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