Friday, August 14, 2020

Yonka’s LAIT HYDRATANT—regenerating, hydrating body milk (replaces Lait Corps)

Yonka concentrates their efforts on face care but they have come up with several new body products to help complete their line. A few simply have new packaging, others are rebranded with new names and have similar or the same ingredients. And a few are new products altogether.

LAIT HYDRATANT, Regenerating, Hydrating Body Milk, is the rebranded, repackaged former Lait Corps. It’s not exactly the same but it is very similar. The main ingredient difference is the addition of mandarin and sweet orange. This gives Lait Hydratant a distinctly different aromatic than its predecessor.

When Lait Corps was discontinued, although I liked that product and it was truly a wonderful body lotion, I wasnt that upset. Yonka said they would be coming out with new body products and the truth is this lotion was never a good seller, at least not in my salon. I attribute that to the price, really. Its hard to sell a $30 or $40 body cream when there are so many out on the market for half the price offering similar results. Doubtful any cream youll find in a grocery or Target store will have the same amazing aromatics of a Yonka product, but when it comes to the body Im not as picky as I am with my face products.

I am certainly not dissuading you from purchasing Lait Hydratantfar from it. If you can afford to use this or any other Yonka body cream, great! You may even use this on special occasions and keep your less expensive body products for every day use. No matter how you use it, this lotion will keep the skin on your body hydrated and supple, free from flakes and itching.

From Yonka headquarters:
This fragrant body milk combines vegetable glycerin, grape seed and sweet almond oil, leaving the skin hydrated and replenished, complete with ginseng extract for a re-energizing effect. In a word, it has everything you need! Recognized efficacy: Immediate and long-lasting hydrating effect, still at + 80% hydration after 8 hours of being applied*. 
*I cannot attest to that result, but I do know from experience Yonka body products, and Lait Corps specifically, did keep the skin on my body more hydrated than less expensive, retail products.

Essential ingredients:
  • Glycerin, sodium PCAhydrating, repairing
  • Ginseng, grape seed oils (rich in essential fats)—hydrating, regenerating
  • Comfreysoothing, healing
  • Soft almond oilrepairing, softening, hydrating
  • Vitamin Ean antioxidant that helps prevent free radical
Directions for use:
After a bath or shower morning and/or night
  • Apply LAIT HYDRATANT on slightly damp skin
  • Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies
  • Massage in well before getting dressed

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