Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are you forgetting something? THE FORGOTTEN PLACES—face & body

Narda Lebo illustration from Timeless Skin
As an aesthetician, my main focus is the skin on the face. Throughout my career I have also stressed the importance of treating your neck tissue the same as your face. I also talk about the tops of the hands, an area that receives a lot of sun throughout our lives. But there are other areas that I call The Forgotten Places that you will want to pay attention to.

Along with the neck and hands, these sometimes neglected places consist of the décolleté (the area above the breasts or chest and below the neck), the ears, the eyes (eye area), the elbows, and balding heads. The skin all over our body ages, not just on the face, so read the articles (listed below with links) to learn more about what to do for these all important yet forgotten places.

When caring for The Forgotten Places, there are three main things you’ll want to keep in mind. They apply to your body as a whole, but in the forgotten places blog posts, you’ll be concentrating on those places you tend to forget. These three steps include using sunscreen, exfoliating on a regular basis, and using a moisturizer or hydrating cream. If you start caring for The Forgotten Places now by incorporating these three steps, you can enjoy healthy, well cared for skin all over.

Sunscreen. One reason these places look forgotten is because they receive quite a bit of sun. Sun damage brings with it loose, sagging skin along with pigmentation spots (also called age, sun, and liver spots), and the potential for cancer. Start now (it’s never too late) and remember to include The Forgotten Places when you’re applying sunscreen to your face and body.

Exfoliation. Because exfoliation is so essential to the overall health of your skin, it is important to exfoliate thoroughly and often in most of The Forgotten Places. Getting rid of the dead skin buildup will enliven your skin, making it feel smoother and look healthier.

Hydration. Finally, extra care needs to be given to The Forgotten Places to ensure they get adequate hydration, day in and day out. Keeping the skin well-moisturized makes it feel soft and supple, keeping dry and flaky skin away.

Your skin is alive and responds to care. Any attention you give The Forgotten Places will be remembered and reflected in the healthy look and feel of these different spots. With just a few short minutes per day, you can help to extend the life of these areas and enjoy healthy skin—everywhere.

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