Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Recovery Program: Part I

Did you go to a few too many holiday parties? Stay out late, drink too much, eat too many sweet or rich foods, and did you even go to bed with your makeup on? Not to mention the in-laws spending the holidays with you, getting all the presents bought and wrapped, and to top it off—looking good throughout the process! Or maybe you caught a cold or came down with the flu. Well, if you can relate to any of the above, you’re not alone.

The holidays are usually a time of letting go of your normal routine and letting yourself indulge in all the heavenly treats this time of year brings. And if you went a little overboard or just stayed the course and still suffered some stress getting through the holidays, no doubt your skin is showing the signs of neglect, and I have some tips on how to put your face back on the road to recovery.

Dehydration is the most common side effect encountered at this time of year and can be caused by many factors. Here a just a few:
  • Drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic and leaches water out of your body leaving all of your organs, including your skin, without adequate hydration.
  • Simply not drinking enough water can be detrimental to your skin. Water is essential at a cellular level. Without enough water, your body has a tougher time releasing toxins and all of your organs (including your skin) have to work harder to keep up their normal functions.
  • Indoor heat is a leading cause of surface dehydration. It dries out the air inside your home, leaving your skin (every inch of itface and body) feeling itchy and scaly and looking as rough as an alligator’s skin.
  • Even the cold, dry air outside can cause your skin to feel like it needs to vacation in a rain forest.
  • If you got sick this winter, your skin probably paid the price. Sometimes medication can cause dehydration. And usually when you’re sick, your daily routines don’t get accomplished, including your daily skin care routine.
There are two easy solutions for surface dehydration: Exfoliating and using a hydrating mask. Exfoliation is the number one problem solver when it comes to dehydration. Getting rid of the surface dead cell buildup will allow your skin to retain moisture more efficiently; smooth out the rough texture associated with dehydration; give your skin a healthy glow, due to the circulatory benefits of exfoliating; and better enable you to have clear skin, since it’s dead skin and oil that clog the pores.

Using either a scrub or a soft gel peel (gommage) will immediately lift off surface dead cell buildup and reveal healthy, vibrant skin underneath. Applying a hydrating mask will quickly and easily add moisture to your skin. (Don’t have a hydrating mask? Simply apply a thick layer of your favorite day or nighttime moisturizer.) Leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes then remove the mask and enjoy softer, smoother skin instantly! Create your own at-home facial by exfoliating, using a mask, then hopping into a warm tub full of bubbles and letting the stress release from your body.

Incorporating some or all of these suggestions will help your skin look and feel more hydrated during and after the holidays and keep it looking good all year round.

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