Monday, August 31, 2020

Problem skin? ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS & become a skin care sleuth

I am always telling my clients who have skin issues that something is causing their skin issuesthey are not “just happening,” although the cause may not be apparent right now. I encourage them as well as you to be a sleuth into your own lives and lifestyles and to try to break down the different elements  to find possible causes for your breakouts.
  • If it’s a new breakout, what is new in your life? 
  • Are you using new skin care products, shampoo, even laundry detergent? 
  • Have you eaten new or unusual foods you don’t normally eat? 
  • Have you eaten more sugar than you ordinarily eat? 
  • Is it Halloween or your birthday? 
  • Have the Girl Scouts been coming around? 
  • Has your monthly cycle changed? 
  • Are you going through puberty? 
  • What about the amount of stress in your life? 

Try to break down your lifestyle habits to see if there is a correlation between something you’re doing, eating, or not doing, and how this may be affecting your skin. Breakout usually has multiple causes, but eliminating the ones you think might be contributing to your skin problems is a good start to clearer skin.

My skin has been a daily task to keep clear for the last ten years. I have a very mild acne problem, and it bothers me. I have tried everything in creation to keep my skin clear, but there always seems to be a spot or two at any given time. I have very sensitive skin that does not respond well to AHAs or other acid products, and most oils found in many products bother my skin.

I use Cetaphil to cleanse with and it works wonders (I love that product). I need an exfoliator to use before I wash with my cleanser. I have also used your gommage and was happy with the results and how it didn’t bother my skin. I appreciate any advice or comments you may have for me.

Since her breakouts are ongoing, she is definitely doing something on an ongoing basis to encourage her problem skin. Her use of the term acne may be an overstatement, but that is my own opinion. The acne I call acne is the full-blown cystic type.

AHAs and other strong acid products don’t work for many people. And if you have any sensitivities and especially if you have redness in your skin, I don’t recommend them.

Cetaphil cleanser works well for many people. It is inexpensive and easy to find. I need an exfoliator to use before I wash with my cleanser. You actually want to cleanse before you exfoliate. Cleansing first gets the debris off the surface of the skin, giving your exfoliator a better chance to do its job. The gommage is a great way to get rid of a lot of dead skin while not irritating or otherwise causing problems for sensitive skin. She could use this product several times per week.

I would advise her to really take a long, hard look at her diet and see if she has hidden or even obvious sugar that she may not be counting as contributing to her ongoing problem skin. Many people just haven’t yet come to this realization about diet (especially sugar) and how it affects skin, which is why I talk so much about it.

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