Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Important comments about my product recommendations

I found your book to be very helpful, and my skin has improved a great deal using your suggestions. However, unless I missed it, you didn’t provide recommendations for what specific product brands to use.

I have written many articles under the category Product Recommendations, and if you have read any of them you will find a common theme: there are not recommendations for name brand products. Although in some cases here and there I do recommend a specific product (usually cleansers), it would be next to impossible for me to know about, have used and researched on my own skin all the thousands of skin care product brands available. However, when it comes to Yonka products, it is there where I hold a great deal of personal and professional experience, and those specific recommendations are peppered throughout this blog, most notably in articles under Yonka product recommendations.

As much as I understand why you want individual product names, my gift to you is to help you understand your skin and about products in general, so you can be armed with knowledge when you go to purchase your products. Sure, it would be great if I would name specific brands, especially inexpensive products, but even then, those products wouldn’t be right for everybody. In Timeless Skin I mentioned a few cleansers by name, then I received emails from several readers who couldn’t use one or both for various reasons.

Throughout my career many people contacted me to purchase the products I sold (Yonka-Paris) but some of my favorite emails have been from those of you who took the information you learned in Timeless Skin and Skin Care A to Z and went out and purchased products (wherever) that ended up helping your skin. Not because of the product line per se, but because you knew what type of products to look for, when to use what, and what ingredients to seek out or avoid. I want to educate you, the consumer, on the finer things to look for and to know about your skin. Then, armed with this information, you can choose what to use. Yes, this can be a daunting task, but I have empirical data (from you!) that proves it can be done.

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