Sunday, August 30, 2020

PLEASE: Don’t take Premarin!

Warning: some of you may not want to read this article. I understand, I get it. Seeing the true of something is sometimes quite ugly. When it comes to imparting knowledge with conviction, I believe a jerk with a message is never heard. And so, here, I am going to try and not get preachy about Premarin. I will work on not being a jerk while at the same time giving you information you might not know about.

When it comes to taking drugs, perhaps it’s easy to turn a blind eye as to where they came from. I think Premarin is exactly one of those instances. For obvious reasons, how the hormones for this drug are extracted are not well publicizedat least not by the drug companies. But if you go online there are copious amounts of information and accounts of the extraction process. Some websites are militant, which I think may turn some people off. But even so, they are simply giving the true account of how horses are used and abused in order to give women a hormone replacement that may not even be safe for them to take.

For those of you who dont know, the hormone replaced Premarin stands for pregnant mares urine (PREgnant MARes urINe). These 4-leggeds subject to the drug companies are called “PMU” horses, sometimes called Premarin Horses. No matter what you call these female equines, their life is dismall at best and miserable and filled with cruelty for sure.

I can recall countless clients being surprised when I told them that taking the birth control pill makes the body think it’s pregnant. And when a woman takes Premarin, she may not really understand what the horses have to go through in order to extract their urine. And this drug contains hormones—for a horse—that a human woman takes to offset some of the symptoms of menopause. This just sounds crazy to me even if it didn’t involve animal cruelty as well.

The life of a PMU horse24/7

Horses are nomadic, herd oriented, and prey animals. This means they travel (walk) for most of the day and stay in groups, not just because they are social animals but most importantly to keep predators away. The saying “safety in numbers” is what a herd is all about. The Premarin horses are kept tied up 24/7 while they are pregnant in order to extract the hormones used in this drug. Therefore they can’t roam around, satisfying their nomadic nature; and although they are near other female horses, they are constrained; and because they have no freedom of movement, their strong drive to be in a safe place away from any predators no doubt causes considerable stress on these magnificent beings.

If anyone reading this is currently taking Premarin or considering it from a doctor’s recommendation, perhaps with this (new?) knowledge on how massively inhumane it is to take horses from their natural habitat into this catastrophic environment you might choose another option for your hormone replacement therapy.

I personally take bioidentical hormonesstill prescribed from a doctorthat are not from an animal source. There are countless studies showing the benefits of bioidenticals, but I don’t need to read anythingI know from how they make me feel. And not having hot flashes and dramatic high and low hormone swings is all I need to know they are working. I have tried many different roads to quelling my hormone issues (see Help for Hot Flashes! below), but bioidentical hormone replacement has been the best way for me.

My blood gets monitored and I have regular checkups with my hormone doctor just like someone would who is using Premarin. The difference is by taking bioidentical hormonesor even other hormones whose source is not animalI am not negatively influencing the life of a precious horse, their offspring (who are usually sold at auction) or other living thing.

When asked by my clients about a trend or fad or newfangled treatment or even about possibly harmful ingredients in skin care products, I always say I choose my battles. I dont get up in arms about every single possible negative in the world of skin care. With that in mind, you can say that the use of Premarin and the abuse of horses to extract it is one of my battles. It is an unnecessary drug taken by means that are cruel and unusual and because of that I cannot stand behind its use at all.

Im not perfectI do have leather belts and shoes and occasionally Ill eat meat from a quadruped. But when it comes to animal cruelty of the sort this article is about, I have to take a stand. As many of you know, I love horses so this is a particularly close-to-home subject for me. In the end, each person will choose what they do in life. Hopefully for any of you that didnt have the low-down on Premarin and its source now might consider a different drug to help with your hormonal symptoms.
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